Maxed out on music 🎧

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I’ve had a few busy weekends and music festivals! 3 in a row the be exact.

19th Aug ELROW TOWN @The Olympic Park.

This was an amazing day. I made sure that I had my silicone foot on today as I was going to be walking lots & hopefully dancing too. I was meeting my friend Yvette at the station the other end, so I had to made my own way there. No Debbie for backup or to lead the way. Train was easy though was straight through.

Met up with Yvette at the other end and it was time to party.

The only issue was walking stick and can of cider require the same hand, can’t be spilling it now! Yvette bless her helped so there was no cider casualties. PHEW!!

We had a good old dance. Well I kind of two step shuffled, but styled it out with the walking stick.

I hadn’t dance so much in such a long time. It was also nice to catch up with Yvette too and have a good old chin wag when it was cider time. It was a great day. Great dancing. I found my love for tech, house, tech house all over again.

24th-26th Maui Waui back in Suffolk.

Friends of ours (Verity & Molly) had been telling us for a couple of years that we should go with them to Maui Waui. We were always at another festival so couldn’t. This year we went! Wow! It was out there.

There was myself, Debbie, Verity, Molly, Gemma, Tori, Sadie & 3 others but I can’t remember their names (sorry). Our set up was great, our trailer tent, Gemma & Tori in an teepee, Verity & Molly in a caravan & Sadie and friends in a motorhome. Sweet!! These lot are bloody nuts. Love them all dearly. It was a very chaotic, fun weekend.

Tori the master chef, Verity the Desperados pusher, Debbie the Pee queen, Gemma the face painter, Captain Molly Spiced Gold, Sadie the Vapemaster and me Hop-along.

Debbie really relaxed over this weekend. It might of been the alcohol but also the fact the everyone looked after everyone. So she didn’t have to worry about me constantly. It was just brilliant. Again armed with my silicone boot it was time to party.

It’s not your average festival with headline acts and known artists. Well it is if you are familiar with the music. This is what is written on the website

What is Maui Maui?

Maui Waui is a 3 day international festival of music, performance and arts. Now in it 6th year it is fast becoming one of the area most exciting festivals, pulling in accomplished and undiscovered bands and performers from all around the globe. Maui Waui focuses on an all welcoming family feel with loads to do for Kids and Adults, from watching world class bands, full circus shows in a dedicated circus tent, big bass dance tents, small upbeat bands and acoustic acts, cabaret and comedy. Maui Waui invites you into their world – you will not be disappointed.

And we weren’t. It was fabulous. We enjoyed it so much we will be back next year. Such a wide variety of bands, dj’s, performers, duo’s, soloists and acts. Something for everyone. Loved every minute of it.

Classic Ibiza @Hatfield House.

Well this was the icing on the cake. It was just myself & Debbie.

So we our old lady shopping bag and filled with food, drinks, blanket & jumpers, plus chairs and table and we were all set up.

The Urban Soul Orchestra take some classic Ibiza dance, house, tech & trance tracks and play them with an orchestra. We had underworld born slippy, moby why does my heart, massive attack unfinished symphony, robert miles children, to name a few.

Again armed with my silicone boot it was time to dance.

Absolutely bloody amazing!! Brilliant music and an amazing light show to go with it. Took a video of ever track they played. It was brilliant.

Had a great night and again met some fantastic people. Watching Debbie let loose and bust some moves was just brilliant to see. Letting her hair down again, two weekend in a row. Fantastic. I can’t remember the last time she was so relaxed.

At the end of the night one woman walked up to me and said “can I just say you have the most amazing smile. I’ve looked over several times I just wanted you to know”. 😊

That was so lovely to hear. Especially when I don’t think I do after everything that has happened. 😊

A brilliant, busy, fun few weekends but I really suffered with tiredness. Will all be explained in my next blog.

Laters 💋

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