Nearly forgot…….

That was close!!!

Hi Folks,

There was me in my last blog saying that I was going to make a conscious effort to do my blog each month and i nearly missed Feb. Shocking behaviour!!

So how are things this month compared to last…………….. not much different really. Motivation is still not very high. Still haven’t picked up my level 3 course. Brain power just isn’t there for it. We have got the garage set up as a gym now though. So there is all the gear and no idea but have been more active in the last week and managed some form of a workout on at least 4 days.

An amazing bit of news though.  My local physiotherapists Carter & George based in Hoddesdon (, Instagram @carterandgeorge, Facebook The Carter & George Practice)  There have an AlterG Treadmill.  This is an anti gravity treadmill. They were advitising an introductory offer of a 30min session for £15. I couldn’t pass that up I had to have a go! My neurophysio had been telling me i should have a go in one as he believed it would help with my walking. The only thing was that was in Stevenage. Which is a long way to go for a short amonut of time. So when this came up and its only down the road i couldn’t say no.

It was an amazing experience.  It was really weird to start with, you have to get into these shorts that are made out of the same material as a wet suit. The also have to be as snug as a wet suit otherwise the air will escape and there  would be anti nothing going on. Bless the poor girl Charlotte who had to help me them. It was comical as I’m saying to “her don’t worry just give a wedgy and pull them up”. So there you are in the snug shorts with a big rubber lip to them with half a zip. You then step onto the treadmill and step through an area with the other part of the zip on. They then lift the plastic bag (only way I can think to describe it). Once its at the right height for you they then zip you in. Once in they push a button and it starts filling with air. Stangest feeling and then as it calibrates you have to push your heels into the treadmill otherwise you will float. You can work the machine taking up to 80% of your bodyweight. Unbelievable! It was amazing the machine was taking between 40-50% of my bodyweight and keeping me balanced, I just concentrated on my walking. The strangest part was I spent the most time fighting with my hip as it wanted to hitch instead in a normal stride. It was an amazing feeling for the first time in 6years to see my reflection in the mirror and see my head and shoulders staying level. I was buzzing by the time my session was over. When the seddion was over Charlotte did ward me that my legs would feel like lead weights and that is very true.

Once I have the money I will definatly be going for more sessions as I totally believe that this will really aid my recovery 100%.

That’s it for this month unless you are looking for a car………as I’m selling mine

Time for some humour……….

What do you call someone who can’t stick with a diet?    

A desserter.  

Laters 💋