29th Jan 2016

Had a restless nights sleep. Was very hot and kept getting tangled in the duvet. Was awake again at 5:30am. Deb made a cuppa and I thought I would check on how many of you lovely people out there had read my latest blog…….0…….and that is because brain fart here thought she had published it, but had saved it as a draft instead. So it was posted at about 6am. 

Sitting here with my cup of coffee, massage machine on my right wrist to help the sensation and CogMed in front of me……..lets do this!!! If my CogMed score is anything to go by today is going to be hard. I really struggled with it today. If you are not doing so well and it think you need a rest it will give you a time out for 15sec………..and I got THREE!! Fail!! 

Ok next focus is exercise………..

Decided that I needed the help of the hornets to give me power to exercise. Worked on my walking today. Concentrating on getting my leg to swing through instead of hitching and swinging round. That was hard. Stretching the muscles to loosen then so I could try and manipulate them into position. Then went to the stairs and we had a go at a bit of step aerobics. It wasn’t as coordinated as you see on TVs. Far far from it but we had a go. It’s good for hip movement and building up strength in the legs.

Body = knackered. Function this afternoon in minimal.

Evening Deb watched The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and not just the normal version oh no……the extended version. I couldn’t remember watching the first one so Deb gave a recap. It was so entertaining I should have recorded it. I will when we watch the final film in the trilogy.

Laters 💋

28th Jan 2016

Was awake at stupid o’clock this morning. 4:30 to be precise!! Deb was too. So she got up made a cuppa for both of us, then got herself ready for and was gone. So I decided that 5am was too early so went back to sleep until 9. 

Deb has started dieting to loose weight, I want to follow her drive and loose weight too as I have gained quite a substantial amount. So made myself some porridge. I fulling meal so I don’t snack and slow energy releasing so I don’t reach for the chocolate bar booster!! 

Went out on the roof terrace after brekkie as the sun was beating down. Took Asbo with me as he wanted to go out. So while watching the world go by, I focused on my leg stretches. It was beautiful out there. 

I am thankful that we have an Wii and the Xbox Kinect. Even though the Wii fit game give me a age of 67 at the moment!!! In time that will improve and will have more balance and control. With these to consoles I can join in the fun.

I decided that I would go into town as it would a nice day and it would be a change of scenery for me. So off I went woolly hat to keep out the cold. Because concentrating on walking right is a workout all of its own and I get so hot, I  can count how many times this winter I have had a coat on on both hands. It’s crazy. So off I go towards the bus stop, which is about a 10min walk for me, only to find when I get there that it bus stop is closed!! Great!! There goes that idea!! I could walk to the next bus stop but the I wouldn’t have the energy to actually walk anywhere once I got into town. So walked back to the flat gutted. 

Deb get home and cooked a lovely dinner. We had steak strips, Greek salad and jacket potato. Tonight was a chill out night.

Laters 💋

26th & 27th Jan 2016 

What a full on couple of days I have had. I apologise for not blogging yesterday but I was a bit knackered from upper limb group followed by physio and a bit down. The group was good but we were focusing on sensation, so that wasn’t a good time for me. I don’t have very good (as in hardly) sensation in my hand. With my eyes closed if something is put in my right hand I feel it to figure out what it is. So that is really shit. So really got to focus on stimulation for my hand. It’s a scary feeling, because at this moment in time I can’t feel if what I have in my hand is hot so I am at risk of burning myself. It’s is scary to think I might not get it back. Physio was good worked on my walking. Marion is a hard taskmaster. We done steps and stretches for my big toe, Extensor Digitorum Longus, Extensor Hallucis Longus and Achilles. So I was pushed hard. Which is what I need. Caught up with Abi and Abdul which was nice. I always like seeing the sisters, nurses and health assistants when I go there. I made some good friends there.

Today was all mental challenge. I had my mother-in-law Kath and our great niece Erin over for the day.  Erin’s mum (our niece) Bec had exams today and she passed all three of them! Whoop Whoop!! Who knew that all the things I use for rehab are great for keeping 22month old entertained. Erin has better balance as she showed on my wobble cushion. The building block tower challenge was a clear win for Erin. Her dancing skills are out of this world. I think I could learn a lot from this small human. 

I’m started to get seriously pissed off as the bloody lift in this block of flats keeps breaking down. Sort it out people!!

Time for sleep. I am all tireded out. 

Laters 💋 

25th Jan 2016

This was the view I woke to this morning

How beautiful is that. This place is amazing and the views fantastic.  Sent my sister Emma a good luck text as she starts her job today. I must text tomorrow and find out how it’s going.

So I have decided maybe a will do a little video each day to go with the blog so you your out there can see the exercise as I do it. Become a vlogger!! Just need to set the iPad up better so you can see the whole move. It was strange seeing myself. I cried the first time I played it back. Asbo did try and put me off by lying down next to me……..


I spent most of the afternoon trying to upload the videos to my blog, so not really done much else. Also the exercises were hard today. My body didn’t want to play. To be fair my body hasn’t wanted to play. It’s been very stubborn, but I will break the stubborn cycle.

Deb got home from work and had a go on the Wii. She had brought some batteries for the balance board so was playing Wii fit. I’m going to have a go at that too. I honestly the Wii is brilliant for recovery from this all. Also the Xbox Kinect as it follows you whole body, not just the remote.

These  two are inseparable until Asbo wants to escape………

…….and Deb doesn’t want him to………..check out Asbo legs……….poor monkey.

Spoke to Diane (my Aussie aunty) she is a crazy lady. 

Busy day tomorrow I have upper limb group followed by physio so I will be shattered tomorrow evening. Time for bed!

Laters 💋

25th Jan 2016 (exercise vid)

I decided to video some of my exercise today. I need to set it up better so you can see what I am doing rather than just my face.

It is quite strange to see myself doing this. That video all I am trying to do is with knees bent move my right hip out to the side and back trying control all at time.

Here is some of my arm exercises. 

Full day update later 💋

24 Jan 2016

First of all I like to say a belated happy birthday to the little monster that is Frankie she was six years old yesterday and she is having a party today, which we were meant to be going to but we didn’t get out the house until 1 o’clock. 

Went to Harlow as very wanted to do a bit of shopping and also get the car cleaned. It’s meant to be dog grey in colour but it was a dirty black colour by the time it was washed yesterday. Now it is back to its original colour and looks just like when it was first brought. 

Popped in for a cuppa coffee Sarah’s house. Becs was there collecting Erin, she is our great niece and she’s such a cutie.

On the way home stopped in and saw Frankie and gave her her birthday card and a little bit chocolate. And also got to have a slice of her birthday cake which was chocolate overload. It was yummy!! 

Finally got home and just monged out as Deb is quite tired so we just laid in bed watching telly. But not just any tele it was west side-story it was fabulous. I watched the whole thing I think Deb managed 20mins……….awwwwwww sleepy head. 

Laters 💋

23rd Jan 2016

I thought I would have a lazy Saturday as deb was at work. Errr…….no. Sister in law Sarah called and asked if I wanted to go and see Bec. Awesome. Have a catch up and a bit wake up the nerves again in my hand with a manicure. It was really nice to spend time with them. Went back to Sarah’s after for coffee and cake……..you can’t beat coffee and cake. I don’t care what anyone says.

Deb got home from work and we had a bite to eat and then played YouTube Jukebox.

It’s great you take it in turn picking songs to listen to. Or in deb case to dance to. Deb also busted out some line dancing moves. The girl is so skilled!! The best bit was when Deb picked an S Club 7 song and then started googling what they looked like now. So I went one better and found their performance on children in need in 2014. Deb was mortified at how rubbish the performance was and then had this to day to me…………and I quote

 “Father Christmas isn’t real!, The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist!, and the Easter Bunny has myxomatosis!!! And now you’ve ruined S Club 7!!!” 

I laughed so much.

Laters 💋

22nd Jan 2016

I don’t feel like talking about me today. I don’t feel like I am achieving anything at the moment. So rather than drag anyone down that is reading this I will talk about a friend.

Her name is Victoria but we call her Granny. Granny and Deb have been friends since they where at uni together. Well the crazy lady that Granny is she decided that she was going to run a half marathon. She didn’t have a charity to run for and asking Deb if I would mind her running to Addenbrookes as the save my life. I was honoured and cry have a little cry of joy. So what I am saying to my readers out there if you would like to sponsor Granny then click on the link below

I hope the link works. Granny will be running on the 21st of Feb. Go Granny Go.

Laters 💋

21st Jan 2016

The mental exhaustion is a longer recovery than the physical. With the physical my right side will be tired, ache and even hurt, but accompanied by my walking stick I can still move around. It’s harder still but I have to move otherwise I will end up weeing myself. The mental exhaustion is just that exhausting. It’s like the brain puts do not disturb up and then like a teenager pulls the covers over itself. If you try and wake it turns into a child that dropped their 99flake ice cream. I have realised unless I think I have the power to deal with the child then I am best leaving the teenager to sleep.

Short and Sweet today.

Laters 💋