23rd Jan 2016

I thought I would have a lazy Saturday as deb was at work. Errr…….no. Sister in law Sarah called and asked if I wanted to go and see Bec. Awesome. Have a catch up and a bit wake up the nerves again in my hand with a manicure. It was really nice to spend time with them. Went back to Sarah’s after for coffee and cake……..you can’t beat coffee and cake. I don’t care what anyone says.

Deb got home from work and we had a bite to eat and then played YouTube Jukebox.

It’s great you take it in turn picking songs to listen to. Or in deb case to dance to. Deb also busted out some line dancing moves. The girl is so skilled!! The best bit was when Deb picked an S Club 7 song and then started googling what they looked like now. So I went one better and found their performance on children in need in 2014. Deb was mortified at how rubbish the performance was and then had this to day to me…………and I quote

 “Father Christmas isn’t real!, The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist!, and the Easter Bunny has myxomatosis!!! And now you’ve ruined S Club 7!!!” 

I laughed so much.

Laters 💋

22nd Jan 2016

I don’t feel like talking about me today. I don’t feel like I am achieving anything at the moment. So rather than drag anyone down that is reading this I will talk about a friend.

Her name is Victoria but we call her Granny. Granny and Deb have been friends since they where at uni together. Well the crazy lady that Granny is she decided that she was going to run a half marathon. She didn’t have a charity to run for and asking Deb if I would mind her running to Addenbrookes as the save my life. I was honoured and cry have a little cry of joy. So what I am saying to my readers out there if you would like to sponsor Granny then click on the link below

I hope the link works. Granny will be running on the 21st of Feb. Go Granny Go.

Laters 💋

21st Jan 2016

The mental exhaustion is a longer recovery than the physical. With the physical my right side will be tired, ache and even hurt, but accompanied by my walking stick I can still move around. It’s harder still but I have to move otherwise I will end up weeing myself. The mental exhaustion is just that exhausting. It’s like the brain puts do not disturb up and then like a teenager pulls the covers over itself. If you try and wake it turns into a child that dropped their 99flake ice cream. I have realised unless I think I have the power to deal with the child then I am best leaving the teenager to sleep.

Short and Sweet today.

Laters 💋

20th Jan 2016

Woke up early this morning and deb brought me in a cup of tea before she went to work. When my alarm did go off at 7:30am the song playing on the radio was Survivor-Eye of the Tiger. Awesome song to start the day with. Feeling good! Well that feeling left very fast after trying to make a doctors appointment. The jumped up little cow of a receptionist try to palm me off with planning an appointment and not going today. When I said I wanted to see a doctor today she huffed down the phone and then in a grumpy voice said OK fine and then booked me in. Who is she to decide if I need to see a doctor?……….. Is she medically qualified? Grrrrrr!!!

That put me in a bad mood for most of the morning. I text Debs dad David to see if he would be able to take me to the docs and he was so I booked him. David is like my personal mobility service. I wouldn’t have been able to get to even a third of my appointment without him.

So once I got down to the doctors and try to let them know I was there, it turns out that the dozy cow this morning didn’t even put my name in she put someone else’s. Blood starting to boil again but the receptionist that was on was really helpful and sorted it out. She also told the other one that she made a mistake….I sat there and had a little chuckle. Saw the doctor who was amazing and sorted everything for me, so I felt good when I came out. Although I noticed how I was starting to stutter a lot. This is a big side effect of tiredness and mental strain I sometime get. But no rest for the wicked as I have Sarah & Annette from Headway coming over.

Sarah & Annette came round to set up a programme for me to use to help with my cognitive repair. It’s called CogMed and its to help with memory skills. It’s brilliant and I can’t wait to do this for the next 8 weeks and I can monitor my progress. This is what I mean the help the Headway give is outstanding.

Deb came home from work early today to deal with an insurance company as I can’t retain the information (hence the CogMed). 

Afterwards Deb thought that Asbo was in need of being serenaded. What do you think??…….

We started watching Daredevil on NetFlix……..hmmmmm it’s ok………..will give verdict at end of season 1.

Laters 💋

19th Jan 2016

It’s been a hard start to the today for me as it is two years since Nanny Radlett passed away and I miss her so much. I’m sure she is having a G&T out there somewhere for sure xxxx

So I wasn’t really in the mood for upper limb group today. So I called up and cancelled, but also asked Marion the Physio to call me and plan some sessions. I had a missed call about an hour later, so I returned the call but no answer. I miss my physio sessions. My last session was 22nd Dec, then it was Xmas and then Marion was on hol. Hope I get some soon. 

Although I didn’t go to upper limb group I did set myself up at the table……..

I had my wooden blocks to practice picking up with my finger and thumb, Two glasses to practice holding and moving, A spiked ball to squeeze in my hand to get sensation back and a bag of tricks to try recognise by touch (and the cats laser pen). I thought I would concentrate on my arm as I am having pain in my back today. So I thought I will give it a bit of a rest. It wasn’t too bad. I worked in it all afternoon, giving out a little “whoop whoop” each time it clicked together. 

Deb got home from work, we had dinner and she sat down and watched Neighbours. So do not disturb. After neighbours we put the Wii on and played Wii Sports. Deb changed all the controls over for me so I could play left handed. Well that was hard. I’m a bit heavy handed on my left, but I had a go and it was ok. Deb got the gloves on and did a bit of boxing and then……….

DjGranny in the house (look at the concentration on her face). So I sat in the chair bopping while she tore up the dance floor. She is really good at it. I love the song mixes, wish there was a soundtrack you could buy.

Time for sleep.

Laters 💋

18th Jan 2016

It was a quiet weekend and it was very unproductive on my part. I had come up with a reason why I believe I have these days were I’m unproductive, unmotivated and “down”. I think it is because my brain is calling a time out so that it can concentrate on just repairing it’s self. Its like it turns round to me and says “no,no,no!! I’ve been working on connecting the nerves in you arm and leg, but now I’m need to focus on me. As I’ve got some nerves up here that are ready to connect together, so you my friend are doing nothing! I don’t need any distraction. Got it? Be grumpy if you must no distraction!!”

It’s back!! HaBiT is back!! I’ve missed it. Had a memory challenge with Sarah, myself and Geoff kicked butt!! Ha ha!! Today we talked about emotions and motivation. That’s were I explained my theory of my sometimes things don’t want to connect. The group is great as its helps to put things into perspective and get a better understanding of what I am dealing with, especially when it comes to the emotional side. We also looked at our goals that we set and put them in order of difficulty. I’m looking forward to achieving them. Margaret filled in my appeal form for the PiP………watch this space. I had forgotten how mentally exhausting it is. All that information. I felt good when I got home. Headway are an amazing charity. Sarah dropped me off at home.

Got home and Deb had set up the Wii so was a sports star. Polishing her skills in tennis, table tennis and frisbee throwing before turning her attention to being a rock star. Aerosmith had nothing on Deb!! The fans were going wild and demanding encores!! 

Deb mum and dad came round for dinner. Deb cooked roast chicken and it was lush. It’s was lovely to have a catch up with them. 

Now tired and all snuggled in bed.

Laters 💋

15th Jan 2016

Today was another disfunctional day. I’m in a bit of a slump as the moment. 

It the evening we went round to Michelle & Lees. Deb took her JustDance 2016 game to play with the girls Bayliegh & Frankie. It was such a lovely, funny night. Everyone had a go and joined in. The girls were really skilled in the game and gave Deb a real run for her money. It was funny to just watch them and not have to pluck up the courage to play. Deb has some scores to try and beat before challenging the girls again. One day I will be able to try and beat the scores too. 

It was such a fun night. A really good end to grumpy day.

Laters 💋