18th Jan 2016

It was a quiet weekend and it was very unproductive on my part. I had come up with a reason why I believe I have these days were I’m unproductive, unmotivated and “down”. I think it is because my brain is calling a time out so that it can concentrate on just repairing it’s self. Its like it turns round to me and says “no,no,no!! I’ve been working on connecting the nerves in you arm and leg, but now I’m need to focus on me. As I’ve got some nerves up here that are ready to connect together, so you my friend are doing nothing! I don’t need any distraction. Got it? Be grumpy if you must no distraction!!”

It’s back!! HaBiT is back!! I’ve missed it. Had a memory challenge with Sarah, myself and Geoff kicked butt!! Ha ha!! Today we talked about emotions and motivation. That’s were I explained my theory of my sometimes things don’t want to connect. The group is great as its helps to put things into perspective and get a better understanding of what I am dealing with, especially when it comes to the emotional side. We also looked at our goals that we set and put them in order of difficulty. I’m looking forward to achieving them. Margaret filled in my appeal form for the PiP………watch this space. I had forgotten how mentally exhausting it is. All that information. I felt good when I got home. Headway are an amazing charity. Sarah dropped me off at home.

Got home and Deb had set up the Wii so was a sports star. Polishing her skills in tennis, table tennis and frisbee throwing before turning her attention to being a rock star. Aerosmith had nothing on Deb!! The fans were going wild and demanding encores!! 

Deb mum and dad came round for dinner. Deb cooked roast chicken and it was lush. It’s was lovely to have a catch up with them. 

Now tired and all snuggled in bed.

Laters 💋

2 thoughts on “18th Jan 2016”

  1. Well that sounds like an amazing day. Thank goodness your mum spotted headway on the net and thank goodness you and deb spotted each other. I think youareBOTH amazing. Xxx

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