A brief history updated

My recovery, struggles, challenges, financial stress, relationship strains, anxiety, and depression are all ongoing.

It hit has hit me hard over the last 10months that’swhy the blog stopped. It was the last thing on my mind. Having the DWP say there’s nothing wrong with you and take all you disability entitlements away from you and then have to spend the next 10 months waiting for a tribunal date is shit!! Utter shit!! I went to a very dark place. I’m still there but it’s more of a grey colour now. But………..

I’ve started up the next hill.

As well as my great Physio James (Physio4You), I have a personal trainer called Lee (Beyond Limits Health & Fitness) and I go to a exercise class run by Fiona (Active Herts). These guys are awesome. They make rehab/fitness fun………….although……….not 100% 🤪

I’m also now an ambassador for Headway Hertfordshire too. Sarah (O/T) thought I would be a good choice………….hmmmmmm.

Let’s do this shit!!

One last thing thank you to all that read my blog & comment. As much as I hope that I’m helping someone somewhere the support you give me gives me helps me.

Laters 💋