Physio 24th June 2016

Soooooooooo I had my physio again on Friday with the lovely James. 

So we started with a catch up of how the week had been. My week hadn’t been very productive but I only have myself to blame! James explained that he wanted to focus more on my shoulder today. To get more free movement so it’s not so stiff. We started with with a few cup stacking exercises, which I would give a score of 7/10. I’ve done better. Then it was picking up the small bouncy balls with finger & thumb. Well gold ⭐️ star for me. Picked them all up correctly. All controlled movement! Wooooohooooooo!!! James was very pleased.

Then it was time to work on the shoulder!! All the pain there was last week wasn’t there this week. So it paid off big time! This week there wasn’t pain it was just uncomfortable. So as the saying goes no pain no gain is damn right. Even James said that my shoulder felt different. He says that we broke that back of it last week and now it will just get better and better. It’s felt different that for sure. With some manipulation from James I was able to get my arm above my head and out to the side while lying down on my back.

James then got me to lie on my left side so I could use only my right side. So with my arm along my side I then had to left my arm up. Here we added in pulling my deltoid into place. So I was pulling my shoulder back before I started to lift my arm. What a difference that made! I felt like I was lifting and moving my arm from my shoulder, my neck muscles weren’t getting as involved as much. Then I had to keep my arm in the air and not allow it to move at all or very little. That was hard the concentration to keep control of muscles.   James then had me bend my arm at the elbow (obvious I know) then keeping my elbow tight against my side lift my forearm up, again while keeping control of my shoulder blade. It still amazes me the amount of effort and concentration that I need to do these things.

I don’t know if you will  understand what I mean. Perhaps photos would be better. 

Afterwards James got me to stand up facing the wall and to reach up the wall as high as I could. There was a significant improvement. I don’t mean I could touch the roof but it was an improvement on what I was able to do at the start of the session.

We finished the session with a new game. Putting the pegs on the cup. This was frustrating. I wasn’t very good at this. Here I have a smaller area to get hold of unlike the bouncing balls. Now we are looking at the movement in my wrist to help  with control to grip and pick up things. 

So my homework this week is to practice the arm moves and the pegs. Repeat & control, repeat & control.

Laters 💋

17th June 2016 Physio Time

Hey folks…..

I had physio on Friday with James. It hurt this week. We started off with the manipulation work first. So I was kind of prepared for it I knew what was coming. Except I didn’t as James was chatting away to me trying to distract me and then BOOM he started to manipulate my elbow!! I did swear! Quite a lot in my head as the people in the shop next door would’ve thought it was some kind of torture! Deep breathing like an expectant mother! James is always very conscious of how I am and always making sure that I am OK as he goes. At least I know that the feeling in my forearm is coming back. Then James moved onto the shoulder, it doesn’t matter how much I prepare myself I still don’t like it, pushing into my shoulder joint, this is to help with stiffness in the joint. Then for an extra dose of fun with his thumb James pushed deep into the shoulder. We do laugh about it as we go. Afterwards he got me to do some movements while lying down and the difference was amazing. 

We then worked on stacking the cups again but this time instead of seeing how many I could stack in 30secs, now it was stacking them by holding them with the pads of my fingers. 

Then I had to stack them them by picking them up in a crane movement.

Do you like my simple drawings? 

I then had to do the same pincer movement with the finger & thumb to pick up the small bouncy balls, 

Again it was not how many I could do in 30secs it was all about the correct movement. It’s about gaining control of the muscles in my hand especially my index finger and thumb, that is where the biggest resistance is. I also have to try and be more relaxed in my shoulder so that the movement isn’t so stiff and wooden. 

It was finished off with rolling a 2kg medicine ball along the plinth and concentrating on just rolling with my hand and not my whole arm as the would be cheating!

I’m still using the Bioness machine and now I’m trying to be more conscious of using my right hand for opening doors, cupboards, wiping done the work tops and carrying things, pulling it more and more into everyday life again. It’s was hard work but I can notice changes now. Let’s see what the Friday brings.

Laters 💋

15th June 2016

Hey folks the last few days have been a limb v brain battle!! So far the limbs are putting up a great defence, a bit like Albania did for 89 mins against France in the euros tonight (Albania were so unlucky they deserved at least a point from the match). So I get which ever limb into position to start an exercise, then run through the exercise using my left side to feel which muscles are moving, then change to start using the right and bang I’m up against a barrier of riot police stopping my signals getting through. I will get things going otherwise it will be another manipulation session with Physio James on Friday.

I had an appointment with Angus the psychologist today. It was part two of the initial assessment. So just have to wait now for my letter with the dates with appointments. It’s been really helpful to me in getting an understanding of what has gone on in the last 12months, understanding the changes in emotion. I look forward making more sense as I go.

Laters 💋

Update 13th June 2016

So let’s have a round up of this past week.

 The bad bits……..Well I have been concentrating so much my arm and hand that I have neglected my leg. So I’m trying to get back into a routine everyday of doing exercise & stretches before I’m out of bed. I need to force myself I’ve got lazy. I only managed the gym once last week. No pt session with Gym James. Bad Egg!! 

The good bits…….Went back to Addenbrookes on weds 8th and had one of the doctors who treated me explain in depth what was done to me and why while I was in critical care. Wow!! I’m still processing it all at the moment. There is a lot to take in.  That is it now. No more appointments at Addenbrookes for me. The chapter is closed. Physio James was really impressed with the improvement in my hand in a week. As was I!! So James is happy for me to keep hold of the Bioness machine until further notice/needs it for another patient. Win!! 

Hobbit & Veg came up Sat as a little get together for their birthday. Deb is the 6th & Veg is the 7th. So we had a little bbq, made some punch and chatted shit like we normally do (Until rain stopped play outside)! Hobbit brought up her decks and had a mix. A bit of a trance/house bash. Hobbit was having a practice as she has a gig coming up. I want to get back into it one day and then maybe the two of up can do a b2b gig………one day if I ever get to her level. 

Finally…….I need to be more focused. I just don’t know how to. I keep saying I’m going to do this, or that but actually don’t or only attempt it 50%. I need to sit down and have a serious talk with myself. 

Laters 💋

4th-7th June 2016

So what have I been up to the last few days??
Sat 4th I got up and Skype with my aunty Diane in Australia, telling her about my Physio and the new machine i get to use for the week. It was nice to catch up with her.There is a big storm there at the mo.
Got my robo arm out and put it on. It’s such a strange sensation that those points on your forearm and the point on palm can trigger all of your fingers to move. It’s crazy technology that has amazing results.
Got bus into Harlow (not with the robo arm still on I left that at home so I didn’t damage it in anyway). I went looking round the £1 shops for some plastic cups so I could practice what I done at Physio with James yesterday. I always look like I’m attempting to shop lift because I can’t carry a basket so I have to put everything in my bag then empty it out at the till. So get some strange looks. Debs sister Sarah picked me up from town and took my back to theirs for a BBQ!! WIN!! I got to spend some time with the beautiful great nieces Erin & Jess. They are such little characters now. Growing up so fast.

Sunday 5th was a day of sleep. I was a bit cranky and tired. I did go out for a bit & used my robo arm for a bit then I then slept from 3pm until 9pm. 

Monday 6th HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my amazing partner Deb & also HaPpY BiRtHdAy to granny too out there in the sunshine of Lanzarote. A holiday Deb has needed for ages. Deb called me this evening telling me all about their day and the adventures of the trip. It was lovely to hear her voice. Full of excitement and happiness. ❤️

I also had HaBit group this morning. It was a quiet one this week but it was a good laugh as usual. Had a catch up with Hobbit this evening which is always entertaining. Hobbit & Veg are great friends. Infact they are family. *starts singing We Are Family I’ve got all my lesbos with me*. Also caught up with my Suffolk best friend Goerge (Laura). We had a good catch up and planned for her to come with Molly & Daisy in the school holidays. A weekday break as the weekends are filling up quick and we can spend a bit longer the a rushed 24-48hrs together. That will be awesome.

Tues 7th I got up at stupid o’clock this morning thanks to the furball that is Asbo. Had a bit of a tidy up as Deb comes home today. Went and had a session in the gym. Didn’t do too much as I had upper limb group later but pushed myself on the bike. 

Daddy Makewell took me to Upper limb group. This was the session I dislike today. It was sensory. I load of items to put on the table and then with our eyes shut we were given an item that we had to figure out what it was through feel I don’t do very well at all with this as I have little feeling in my fingers. 

Back to the Makewell household for tea. Chicken & salad yummy. Perfect food for such a hot day. 

Deb is home!!! YAY!! She finally arrived home at 7pm. I’m a happy bunny now. 

So I have managed to survive 5days it shows how far I have come in a year and how now Deb & I can concentrate on being girlfriends again and her not having to be my carer. Don’t get me wrong I’m far from recovered, I still need help with things but I’m a lot more independent now.

Laters 💋

3rd June 2016

Well it’s me, myself & Asbo (who has got himself comfy on the bed & farted!!). Smelly furball!!

Deb is on the sun kissed island of Lanzarote with her best friend Granny for a long weekend getaway. Before there is wide spread panic I’m not alone miles from anyone, left fending for myself. No no noooooo Deb’s parents live around the corner and friends and family are at the end of phone. It’s going to be good for us both. If you are a full time carer of your partner then it’s only right that get a break every so often. For your own sanity, and Deb has had a lot to deal with from me over this past year. (+ she was meant to go to Jamaica last year with granny but I had my brain fart and ballsed that one up)!!

So was back in the gym on weds for a pt session with GJ. Wow he worked me hard. My legs felt it. So did my right arm. It felt good to be back in the gym. All the feel good factor of exercise is coming back.

Deb got all packed and sorted and headed to grannies. I had a few tears as I’m a big baby and I will miss her. I bet she was all excited, busting some moves and singing at the top of her voice in the car as she drove to grannies. 

It took me a while to get to sleep, the flat seemed so quiet. Even Asbo wasn’t any noise.

Friday morning woke up and thought mmmmmm a nice cup of tea to start the day. Then remembered that I had blood tests this morning and had to fast for them = grumpy Claire. Glass of water it is then.  So was talking to The hobbit and my aunty in oz then jumped in the shower. After the shower, literally as I got out our niece Becs video called me. I sent her a message to say I’ll get dressed and call her back. The little munchkin that in Erin wanted to say hi, awwwww. (I’m still taking deck stain with hobbit at this point. Oh how the important things in life change as you get older). So all dressed time to call Becs back, no answer. Then have a missed video call from Deb sister Sarah. So call her back while trying to feed our own child who is now getting under my feet and meowing at a whole new decibel. So have a chat with Sarah and see Jess then it’s time to see Dracula and loose some blood.

David picks me up and drive me to the docs. Blood taken and then it’s back to the in-laws for a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie WIN!! Then we are off to Welwyn to take the saebo glove back to Glyn. Glyn wasn’t there but I left with the front desk like he told me to. Then back to do a bit of shopping. David dropped me off and I had some lunch. Finger food so I can practice using my right hand. 

Back in the car again and off to my 1st physio session with physio James. He started manipulating my hand and stretching the muscles. After some this I started to practice picking up and stacking beakers. I had to focus on getting my hand, especially my thumb as open as possible to stack the beakers. This was then a challenge for me to see how many I could stack in 30secs. So I between rests, discussions on how each attempt went and some hand manipulation from James I was quite consistent managing 4,5 or 6 stacks depending on good a movement I got. From stacking we moved on to small bouncy balls. Again some hand manipulation and some practice, then it was the 30sec challenge again. This was a lot harder as I was picking up a smaller object with no straight edge. Again inbetween each attempt we would discuss how each attempt went. It was fun.

Roboclaire is here. I have a new toy to try for a week. James thinks this will be good and help a lot. It’s from a company called Bioness. It’s amazing it’s nerve stimulation for my hand. It pinpoints areas all down my for arm, wrist and the bumpy bit in your thumb help move them into he right place so you can pick things up. It’s brilliant I can’t wait to use this all week. So James showed me how to put it on and set it all up. It’s such a weird but good feeling.lets see what this baby can do.

I’m knackered though all that concentration takes the energy out of me. 

Laters 💋

1st June 2016

I must get out of this rut.

I haven’t been good lately. Been in a lull. But I’m not perfect everyday……who is. Now it’s time to get this machine in gear and drive!!!

I have private physio starting on Friday with James (Physio James (PJ), thanks to the generosity of my grandad Bob. This wouldn’t be possible without his help so BOOM!! Let’s do this!!

I’m in the second week of upper limb group for my hand. I just have to be more conscious when I do things and see how much I can do with my right. Push the connectors back into place……..or a bit of rewiring. 

Get back in the gym…….get James (gym James (GJ) to shout at me. Get back into a routine. Go at least 3 times a week + a personal training session!! 

Get CogMed completed. How long have I been doing it now? There are only 10 days of trading left……come on sort it out!!

Join slimming world and shift the unwanted extra weight I’m carrying. Which will help the rehab. 

Time to get a better understanding and control of my energy levels.

Get full use of the day. No more procrastination!

Laters 💋