17th June 2016 Physio Time

Hey folks…..

I had physio on Friday with James. It hurt this week. We started off with the manipulation work first. So I was kind of prepared for it I knew what was coming. Except I didn’t as James was chatting away to me trying to distract me and then BOOM he started to manipulate my elbow!! I did swear! Quite a lot in my head as the people in the shop next door would’ve thought it was some kind of torture! Deep breathing like an expectant mother! James is always very conscious of how I am and always making sure that I am OK as he goes. At least I know that the feeling in my forearm is coming back. Then James moved onto the shoulder, it doesn’t matter how much I prepare myself I still don’t like it, pushing into my shoulder joint, this is to help with stiffness in the joint. Then for an extra dose of fun with his thumb James pushed deep into the shoulder. We do laugh about it as we go. Afterwards he got me to do some movements while lying down and the difference was amazing. 

We then worked on stacking the cups again but this time instead of seeing how many I could stack in 30secs, now it was stacking them by holding them with the pads of my fingers. 

Then I had to stack them them by picking them up in a crane movement.

Do you like my simple drawings? 

I then had to do the same pincer movement with the finger & thumb to pick up the small bouncy balls, 

Again it was not how many I could do in 30secs it was all about the correct movement. It’s about gaining control of the muscles in my hand especially my index finger and thumb, that is where the biggest resistance is. I also have to try and be more relaxed in my shoulder so that the movement isn’t so stiff and wooden. 

It was finished off with rolling a 2kg medicine ball along the plinth and concentrating on just rolling with my hand and not my whole arm as the would be cheating!

I’m still using the Bioness machine and now I’m trying to be more conscious of using my right hand for opening doors, cupboards, wiping done the work tops and carrying things, pulling it more and more into everyday life again. It’s was hard work but I can notice changes now. Let’s see what the Friday brings.

Laters 💋

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