21st Feb 2016 It’s 1/2 Marathon Day

Today was the day. After all of the training it was now time for Granny to run. 

I was up at half seven had a cuppa. We were planning to leave at 9am to get Wokingham just after the start. Plan failed. Madam was still asleep at 9am. We finally left at 9:45 and it was going to take just over an hour to get there. 

Why do people insist in sitting in the two outside lanes when they are just plodding along at 65-70mph. Move over butt wipes. The Lorries in the two inside lanes were moving quicker than butt wipes in the outside lanes. It’s just as well I can’t drive at the moment. I would probably end up with speeding tickets right now. I do miss it, but at the same time it not on my list of things to get back to doing anytime soon. I think if my leg was fine I would be more eager to get behind the wheel again, but it’s not so I’m not fussed. 

Finally we got into Wokingham and got to where the race was and after nearly tearing each others heads off looking for somewhere to park, drove back into the town centre and caught up with Hobbit (Jaq) and Veg (Kayleigh). It was so good to see they guys. I used to live with Hobbit and have known her since I moved to Surrey 9yrs ago. They are fantastic friends. They have been there for myself and especially Deb though all of this.

We sat and had a coffee and a catch up before getting back in the car and getting back to the finish line for when Granny finishes. We did panic a bit thinking that we might miss her. It was amazing to see all of these different ability of people completing the course. Young and old. It was a moment of anything can be achieved when you set your mind to it. There was people holding hands as they crossed the finish line and even people running back out to run in with others who struggling to finish and need that final boost. It was fantastic atmosphere. And here is the moment granny finished the race…….

First stop after the race………PUB!! For a well earned glass of wine for Granny. After that we drove to a beefeater pub for some food. Then we all sat there talking for 4hrs. It was brilliant. I miss those guys so much.

Well Done Granny!! Fantastic achievement and at the time of my posting this raising £881.67 for Addenbrookes. I’m so proud of you. We are all so proud of you. 

Laters 💋

20th Feb 2016

I haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights. Tired I is so tired.

Phoned my uncle Mick this morning for a catch up. It was lovely to talk to him. He is such a funny man.

Sat down ready to watch the F.A Cup Arsenal v Hull City and ended up sitting in the bathroom not knowing what to do with myself as I was having really bad acid indigestion. It was so bad I had so much saliva I just kept spitting it out (too much info??? Possibly…..). Deb went to the shops and got me some Gaviscon and Rapidol to try and sort it. I never usually suffer with acid. So horrible. 

I love the F.A Cup, it’s such a unpredictable competition. The Arsenal game was good and Hull deserved a replay as we were not on are best form today. When I was in the phone to Mick we were hoping that Watford would beat Leeds today. They did I must remember to wind my cousin Scott up as he is a Leeds supporter (well someone has to be 😉). 

Still suffering with the acid so popped some more pills and in bed. 

It’s half marathon d-day Granny tomorrow. She kindly decided to race on behalf of ACT of Addenbrookes hospital for the amazing job they did of saving my life. She has had an amazing response and doubled her target that she wanted to raise. Just a little more and she will hit £1000. A big thank you from myself to granny for racing and to people out there who sponsored her. I will put the link to her just giving page up again……..maybe we can break the £1000 mark…….


Hopefully it works….

Laters 💋

15th Feb 2016


I thought I would mix it up and write my blog for a change.

A quick round up of the weekend. 

Friday night we went to Michelle & Lees as we the birthday present that we had brought for Frankie & Bayleigh had arrived. It was a great night and a lot of fun. We didn’t get home until the early hours. Boy did I pay for that the next day……..not through a hangover but through tiredness. It’s these kind of situations that bring you back to reality with a bump. Where you realised that your not fully fixed and that you need rest. You can’t stay up until stupid o’clock. And as much as that sucks it is the truth. Swallow it and deal with it!! Otherwise you will have another day where you do nothing and don’t rest properly. 

Saturday 13th was that kind of day for me. No energy to do my exercises through lack of sleep………for Deb and Michelle it was due to hangovers. We didn’t make it to the ice hockey, so really gutted about that. I have to remember that I have to plan in  advance. Can’t do things in such an off the cuff way at the moment. On the up side Watford beat Crystal Palace 2-1!! Come on you horns!!! 

Sunday 14thwas a productive day. No valentine cards as we think it is just a money spin. Why do you need a certain day of the year to tell someone you love them??!! I helped Deb in any small way possible to clean the flat. We also sorted much of the spare room and stuff we could sell on eBay. Sat down in the afternoon to watch the rugby. #carrythemhome the England boys squashed the Italians 40-9!! Wooohoooo. Also Arsenal beat the league leaders Leicester City 2-1!! Gunners!!! So overall a great treble win sporting wise this weekend. 🎉🎉

Today 15th. It’s HaBiT day today. Today we had a list of words to figure out on the board. All jumbled up. Judith was back after missing the last two sessions, so that was nice. We also had a new guy join us called Steve. So now Jeff isn’t so outnumbered. Steve had a stroke 25 years ago. Although there wasn’t any physical injury, there was a mental one. Even 25yrs on. It’s just goes to show how long things can take. Margaret help my fill in another form. In 34yrs I haven’t filled in as many forms as I have done in the last 6 months………when I say me I mean Deb, Sarah & Margaret. Went to the pub this evening to just make a change from the beautiful white walls of the flat. It was good that we did as we saw Tommy and his mum Carmel. We hadn’t seen them for such a long time so that was good. 

I’m now tucked up in bed while Deb is watching The Walking Dead. 

Laters 💋

6/7th Feb 2016

Well although I have had this bloody cold it has been a lovely weekend. 

My parents Lesley & Ray came to stay for a few days. It was lovely to spend time with them. No plans, no places to be, just chilling. 

Sat morn we eventually got dressed and went to town to get a few house essentials and then lunch. Then it was back to the flat for a day of sport. It started with the battle for the top spot in the premier league between Man City & Leicester City. Next it was onto the rugby. The 6 nations. I love rugby, so it was France v Italy (France won…..just). Then The Calcutta Cup Scotland v England #carrythemhome!! Was a good match and we retained the cup for another year!!

Deb got back from work and we got sorted and went to the pub for FOOD. We bumped into Michelle, Lee and the girls as they were there at a birthday party. Also caught up with Jayne & Mark too. They are a great couple and we are going to have a night out with them soon.  I was shattered when we got home. 

Today was started with bacon sarnie. Win. 

Deb went and done the food shopping. I had the “parents are visiting, get out of shopping free” card. Win. 

It was a perfect Sunday. Rugby, Sunday papers and a roast chicken cooked by Deb. Mum gave Deb cooking lesson in how to make white sauce from scratch.  Dad bless him done all the washing up after. 

It was lovely to spend time with my parents and have a good catch up. All relaxed and stuffed from the roast they are now back home in Suffolk. 

Got to get back into gear tomorrow and get back into my exercise and rehab. It’s been horrible having this cold. 4days of no exercise. It’s been so frustrating. Time to climb the hills again.

Time to watch SuperBowl 50. 

Laters 💋

6th Feb 2016 (snot update)

I have pretty much slept for two days. So no stories to tell…..unless you want to hear stories of snot balls. Everything isn’t so blocked anymore but I’m still full of cold. I felt really bad last night as my parents are here for the weekend and I couldn’t stay up talking with them as my head hurt so much. On a scale of 1-10 I feel about a 6 today. So we shall see how we go.

Time for a cuppa.

Laters 💋

4th Feb 2016 

Not feeling on this planet at the moment. Sorry full of cold at the moment. It’s really bad as it is in my head and sinuses. The only way I can describe it is like this:

Any fit and healthy human when you get a cold you go from feeling 100% to say 70%, but for me and the same for several people who have had a brain injury, i’m only running at 80% so once I get a cold I drop about 50% and it’s horrible feel completely knackered and tired. 

I am so going to sleep like I have been doing all day and rest up and get better hopefully I’ll be back on here soon in a better mood. 

Time to spend some quality time with my duvet and Kleenex with an added dose of cold and flu tablets for good measure.

Laters 💋