20th Feb 2016

I haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights. Tired I is so tired.

Phoned my uncle Mick this morning for a catch up. It was lovely to talk to him. He is such a funny man.

Sat down ready to watch the F.A Cup Arsenal v Hull City and ended up sitting in the bathroom not knowing what to do with myself as I was having really bad acid indigestion. It was so bad I had so much saliva I just kept spitting it out (too much info??? Possibly…..). Deb went to the shops and got me some Gaviscon and Rapidol to try and sort it. I never usually suffer with acid. So horrible. 

I love the F.A Cup, it’s such a unpredictable competition. The Arsenal game was good and Hull deserved a replay as we were not on are best form today. When I was in the phone to Mick we were hoping that Watford would beat Leeds today. They did I must remember to wind my cousin Scott up as he is a Leeds supporter (well someone has to be 😉). 

Still suffering with the acid so popped some more pills and in bed. 

It’s half marathon d-day Granny tomorrow. She kindly decided to race on behalf of ACT of Addenbrookes hospital for the amazing job they did of saving my life. She has had an amazing response and doubled her target that she wanted to raise. Just a little more and she will hit £1000. A big thank you from myself to granny for racing and to people out there who sponsored her. I will put the link to her just giving page up again……..maybe we can break the £1000 mark…….


Hopefully it works….

Laters 💋

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