21st Feb 2016 It’s 1/2 Marathon Day

Today was the day. After all of the training it was now time for Granny to run. 

I was up at half seven had a cuppa. We were planning to leave at 9am to get Wokingham just after the start. Plan failed. Madam was still asleep at 9am. We finally left at 9:45 and it was going to take just over an hour to get there. 

Why do people insist in sitting in the two outside lanes when they are just plodding along at 65-70mph. Move over butt wipes. The Lorries in the two inside lanes were moving quicker than butt wipes in the outside lanes. It’s just as well I can’t drive at the moment. I would probably end up with speeding tickets right now. I do miss it, but at the same time it not on my list of things to get back to doing anytime soon. I think if my leg was fine I would be more eager to get behind the wheel again, but it’s not so I’m not fussed. 

Finally we got into Wokingham and got to where the race was and after nearly tearing each others heads off looking for somewhere to park, drove back into the town centre and caught up with Hobbit (Jaq) and Veg (Kayleigh). It was so good to see they guys. I used to live with Hobbit and have known her since I moved to Surrey 9yrs ago. They are fantastic friends. They have been there for myself and especially Deb though all of this.

We sat and had a coffee and a catch up before getting back in the car and getting back to the finish line for when Granny finishes. We did panic a bit thinking that we might miss her. It was amazing to see all of these different ability of people completing the course. Young and old. It was a moment of anything can be achieved when you set your mind to it. There was people holding hands as they crossed the finish line and even people running back out to run in with others who struggling to finish and need that final boost. It was fantastic atmosphere. And here is the moment granny finished the race…….

First stop after the race………PUB!! For a well earned glass of wine for Granny. After that we drove to a beefeater pub for some food. Then we all sat there talking for 4hrs. It was brilliant. I miss those guys so much.

Well Done Granny!! Fantastic achievement and at the time of my posting this raising £881.67 for Addenbrookes. I’m so proud of you. We are all so proud of you. 

Laters 💋

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