4th Feb 2016 

Not feeling on this planet at the moment. Sorry full of cold at the moment. It’s really bad as it is in my head and sinuses. The only way I can describe it is like this:

Any fit and healthy human when you get a cold you go from feeling 100% to say 70%, but for me and the same for several people who have had a brain injury, i’m only running at 80% so once I get a cold I drop about 50% and it’s horrible feel completely knackered and tired. 

I am so going to sleep like I have been doing all day and rest up and get better hopefully I’ll be back on here soon in a better mood. 

Time to spend some quality time with my duvet and Kleenex with an added dose of cold and flu tablets for good measure.

Laters 💋

2 thoughts on “4th Feb 2016 ”

  1. oh poor you…. its now the 6th so you’re probably over the worst by now. where you doing the animation course? like your description of your hobble-out, Ha, Ha! how frustrating can’t throw a good tantrum…. sure sound like you’re working hard.. go girl

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    1. I’m starting to feel human again but it’s all moving to my chest. The animation course is at a community centre in cheshunt for 3weeks. I must learn to style out my strops better.


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