2nd Feb 2016

WOW!!! What I hectic day I had. Infact this is a busy week for me. 

In the 1st a had my HaBiT group and there was only myself and Jeff again with Sarah and Margaret. We focused on concentration. Which is a problem area for me. Some would probably say it’s always been one of my weak points! At this moment in time in there is a lot of background noise I can’t concentrate on the particular a task. And if the telly is on I cannot try to read. It’s crazy. It can get you down if you allow it to.

So today I started the 3week animation course. I LOVE it!! It’s ignited my love for animation again. Hopefully I can move it forward in some way. We had the 5 different styles shown to us.  I remember Traditional (how Walt Disney started), Animation (how it’s done today), StopGo (like the Lego videos on YouTube)……3 out of 5 isn’t bad. I want to learn so much more. It’s just a bit of a shame that can only go for 2 out of 3 hrs as I have to get to Danesbury for my upper limb group. 😪 but if I don’t get to upper limb group then I will miss out on physio too. Upper limb group could you move to a wed please that would be fab.

In upper limb group we focused on the lumbricle muscles. The ones we use for picking up things. The shape you get if you make the gesture that someone is chatting a lot. I had a little breakdown. I say little but it was quite big and finished with a storm out. I say storm……more so a hobble-storm out as this is a very hard task for me to achieve thanks to my double jointedness!! I get very frustrated at how I can’t keep control of my muscles/nerves especially in my thumb, index finger and little finger. Ahhhhhhh!! I came back and concentrated and I’m slowly taking control of the little buggers.

This was followed with Physio. We works on strength for my legs. Up/downs to a chair, marching on the spot. We busted out a few ballet moves in the bars. I wouldn’t of succeeded at ballet because as my parents say……….I’m such a fairy elephant. Yeah I’ve never been dainty. The session was finished off with some work kneeling on the floor. 


Dinner this evening was at the inlaws. Cottage pie and veg with Apple & Blackberry crumble for afters. Stuffed. Totally stuffed.

Laters 💋

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