15th Feb 2016


I thought I would mix it up and write my blog for a change.

A quick round up of the weekend. 

Friday night we went to Michelle & Lees as we the birthday present that we had brought for Frankie & Bayleigh had arrived. It was a great night and a lot of fun. We didn’t get home until the early hours. Boy did I pay for that the next day……..not through a hangover but through tiredness. It’s these kind of situations that bring you back to reality with a bump. Where you realised that your not fully fixed and that you need rest. You can’t stay up until stupid o’clock. And as much as that sucks it is the truth. Swallow it and deal with it!! Otherwise you will have another day where you do nothing and don’t rest properly. 

Saturday 13th was that kind of day for me. No energy to do my exercises through lack of sleep………for Deb and Michelle it was due to hangovers. We didn’t make it to the ice hockey, so really gutted about that. I have to remember that I have to plan in  advance. Can’t do things in such an off the cuff way at the moment. On the up side Watford beat Crystal Palace 2-1!! Come on you horns!!! 

Sunday 14thwas a productive day. No valentine cards as we think it is just a money spin. Why do you need a certain day of the year to tell someone you love them??!! I helped Deb in any small way possible to clean the flat. We also sorted much of the spare room and stuff we could sell on eBay. Sat down in the afternoon to watch the rugby. #carrythemhome the England boys squashed the Italians 40-9!! Wooohoooo. Also Arsenal beat the league leaders Leicester City 2-1!! Gunners!!! So overall a great treble win sporting wise this weekend. 🎉🎉

Today 15th. It’s HaBiT day today. Today we had a list of words to figure out on the board. All jumbled up. Judith was back after missing the last two sessions, so that was nice. We also had a new guy join us called Steve. So now Jeff isn’t so outnumbered. Steve had a stroke 25 years ago. Although there wasn’t any physical injury, there was a mental one. Even 25yrs on. It’s just goes to show how long things can take. Margaret help my fill in another form. In 34yrs I haven’t filled in as many forms as I have done in the last 6 months………when I say me I mean Deb, Sarah & Margaret. Went to the pub this evening to just make a change from the beautiful white walls of the flat. It was good that we did as we saw Tommy and his mum Carmel. We hadn’t seen them for such a long time so that was good. 

I’m now tucked up in bed while Deb is watching The Walking Dead. 

Laters 💋

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