15th June 2016

Hey folks the last few days have been a limb v brain battle!! So far the limbs are putting up a great defence, a bit like Albania did for 89 mins against France in the euros tonight (Albania were so unlucky they deserved at least a point from the match). So I get which ever limb into position to start an exercise, then run through the exercise using my left side to feel which muscles are moving, then change to start using the right and bang I’m up against a barrier of riot police stopping my signals getting through. I will get things going otherwise it will be another manipulation session with Physio James on Friday.

I had an appointment with Angus the psychologist today. It was part two of the initial assessment. So just have to wait now for my letter with the dates with appointments. It’s been really helpful to me in getting an understanding of what has gone on in the last 12months, understanding the changes in emotion. I look forward making more sense as I go.

Laters 💋

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