Physio 24th June 2016

Soooooooooo I had my physio again on Friday with the lovely James. 

So we started with a catch up of how the week had been. My week hadn’t been very productive but I only have myself to blame! James explained that he wanted to focus more on my shoulder today. To get more free movement so it’s not so stiff. We started with with a few cup stacking exercises, which I would give a score of 7/10. I’ve done better. Then it was picking up the small bouncy balls with finger & thumb. Well gold ⭐️ star for me. Picked them all up correctly. All controlled movement! Wooooohooooooo!!! James was very pleased.

Then it was time to work on the shoulder!! All the pain there was last week wasn’t there this week. So it paid off big time! This week there wasn’t pain it was just uncomfortable. So as the saying goes no pain no gain is damn right. Even James said that my shoulder felt different. He says that we broke that back of it last week and now it will just get better and better. It’s felt different that for sure. With some manipulation from James I was able to get my arm above my head and out to the side while lying down on my back.

James then got me to lie on my left side so I could use only my right side. So with my arm along my side I then had to left my arm up. Here we added in pulling my deltoid into place. So I was pulling my shoulder back before I started to lift my arm. What a difference that made! I felt like I was lifting and moving my arm from my shoulder, my neck muscles weren’t getting as involved as much. Then I had to keep my arm in the air and not allow it to move at all or very little. That was hard the concentration to keep control of muscles.   James then had me bend my arm at the elbow (obvious I know) then keeping my elbow tight against my side lift my forearm up, again while keeping control of my shoulder blade. It still amazes me the amount of effort and concentration that I need to do these things.

I don’t know if you will  understand what I mean. Perhaps photos would be better. 

Afterwards James got me to stand up facing the wall and to reach up the wall as high as I could. There was a significant improvement. I don’t mean I could touch the roof but it was an improvement on what I was able to do at the start of the session.

We finished the session with a new game. Putting the pegs on the cup. This was frustrating. I wasn’t very good at this. Here I have a smaller area to get hold of unlike the bouncing balls. Now we are looking at the movement in my wrist to help  with control to grip and pick up things. 

So my homework this week is to practice the arm moves and the pegs. Repeat & control, repeat & control.

Laters 💋

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