4th-7th June 2016

So what have I been up to the last few days??
Sat 4th I got up and Skype with my aunty Diane in Australia, telling her about my Physio and the new machine i get to use for the week. It was nice to catch up with her.There is a big storm there at the mo.
Got my robo arm out and put it on. It’s such a strange sensation that those points on your forearm and the point on palm can trigger all of your fingers to move. It’s crazy technology that has amazing results.
Got bus into Harlow (not with the robo arm still on I left that at home so I didn’t damage it in anyway). I went looking round the £1 shops for some plastic cups so I could practice what I done at Physio with James yesterday. I always look like I’m attempting to shop lift because I can’t carry a basket so I have to put everything in my bag then empty it out at the till. So get some strange looks. Debs sister Sarah picked me up from town and took my back to theirs for a BBQ!! WIN!! I got to spend some time with the beautiful great nieces Erin & Jess. They are such little characters now. Growing up so fast.

Sunday 5th was a day of sleep. I was a bit cranky and tired. I did go out for a bit & used my robo arm for a bit then I then slept from 3pm until 9pm. 

Monday 6th HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my amazing partner Deb & also HaPpY BiRtHdAy to granny too out there in the sunshine of Lanzarote. A holiday Deb has needed for ages. Deb called me this evening telling me all about their day and the adventures of the trip. It was lovely to hear her voice. Full of excitement and happiness. ❤️

I also had HaBit group this morning. It was a quiet one this week but it was a good laugh as usual. Had a catch up with Hobbit this evening which is always entertaining. Hobbit & Veg are great friends. Infact they are family. *starts singing We Are Family I’ve got all my lesbos with me*. Also caught up with my Suffolk best friend Goerge (Laura). We had a good catch up and planned for her to come with Molly & Daisy in the school holidays. A weekday break as the weekends are filling up quick and we can spend a bit longer the a rushed 24-48hrs together. That will be awesome.

Tues 7th I got up at stupid o’clock this morning thanks to the furball that is Asbo. Had a bit of a tidy up as Deb comes home today. Went and had a session in the gym. Didn’t do too much as I had upper limb group later but pushed myself on the bike. 

Daddy Makewell took me to Upper limb group. This was the session I dislike today. It was sensory. I load of items to put on the table and then with our eyes shut we were given an item that we had to figure out what it was through feel I don’t do very well at all with this as I have little feeling in my fingers. 

Back to the Makewell household for tea. Chicken & salad yummy. Perfect food for such a hot day. 

Deb is home!!! YAY!! She finally arrived home at 7pm. I’m a happy bunny now. 

So I have managed to survive 5days it shows how far I have come in a year and how now Deb & I can concentrate on being girlfriends again and her not having to be my carer. Don’t get me wrong I’m far from recovered, I still need help with things but I’m a lot more independent now.

Laters 💋

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