3rd June 2016

Well it’s me, myself & Asbo (who has got himself comfy on the bed & farted!!). Smelly furball!!

Deb is on the sun kissed island of Lanzarote with her best friend Granny for a long weekend getaway. Before there is wide spread panic I’m not alone miles from anyone, left fending for myself. No no noooooo Deb’s parents live around the corner and friends and family are at the end of phone. It’s going to be good for us both. If you are a full time carer of your partner then it’s only right that get a break every so often. For your own sanity, and Deb has had a lot to deal with from me over this past year. (+ she was meant to go to Jamaica last year with granny but I had my brain fart and ballsed that one up)!!

So was back in the gym on weds for a pt session with GJ. Wow he worked me hard. My legs felt it. So did my right arm. It felt good to be back in the gym. All the feel good factor of exercise is coming back.

Deb got all packed and sorted and headed to grannies. I had a few tears as I’m a big baby and I will miss her. I bet she was all excited, busting some moves and singing at the top of her voice in the car as she drove to grannies. 

It took me a while to get to sleep, the flat seemed so quiet. Even Asbo wasn’t any noise.

Friday morning woke up and thought mmmmmm a nice cup of tea to start the day. Then remembered that I had blood tests this morning and had to fast for them = grumpy Claire. Glass of water it is then.  So was talking to The hobbit and my aunty in oz then jumped in the shower. After the shower, literally as I got out our niece Becs video called me. I sent her a message to say I’ll get dressed and call her back. The little munchkin that in Erin wanted to say hi, awwwww. (I’m still taking deck stain with hobbit at this point. Oh how the important things in life change as you get older). So all dressed time to call Becs back, no answer. Then have a missed video call from Deb sister Sarah. So call her back while trying to feed our own child who is now getting under my feet and meowing at a whole new decibel. So have a chat with Sarah and see Jess then it’s time to see Dracula and loose some blood.

David picks me up and drive me to the docs. Blood taken and then it’s back to the in-laws for a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie WIN!! Then we are off to Welwyn to take the saebo glove back to Glyn. Glyn wasn’t there but I left with the front desk like he told me to. Then back to do a bit of shopping. David dropped me off and I had some lunch. Finger food so I can practice using my right hand. 

Back in the car again and off to my 1st physio session with physio James. He started manipulating my hand and stretching the muscles. After some this I started to practice picking up and stacking beakers. I had to focus on getting my hand, especially my thumb as open as possible to stack the beakers. This was then a challenge for me to see how many I could stack in 30secs. So I between rests, discussions on how each attempt went and some hand manipulation from James I was quite consistent managing 4,5 or 6 stacks depending on good a movement I got. From stacking we moved on to small bouncy balls. Again some hand manipulation and some practice, then it was the 30sec challenge again. This was a lot harder as I was picking up a smaller object with no straight edge. Again inbetween each attempt we would discuss how each attempt went. It was fun.

Roboclaire is here. I have a new toy to try for a week. James thinks this will be good and help a lot. It’s from a company called Bioness. www.bioness.com It’s amazing it’s nerve stimulation for my hand. It pinpoints areas all down my for arm, wrist and the bumpy bit in your thumb help move them into he right place so you can pick things up. It’s brilliant I can’t wait to use this all week. So James showed me how to put it on and set it all up. It’s such a weird but good feeling.lets see what this baby can do.

I’m knackered though all that concentration takes the energy out of me. 

Laters 💋

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