1st June 2016

I must get out of this rut.

I haven’t been good lately. Been in a lull. But I’m not perfect everyday……who is. Now it’s time to get this machine in gear and drive!!!

I have private physio starting on Friday with James (Physio James (PJ), thanks to the generosity of my grandad Bob. This wouldn’t be possible without his help so BOOM!! Let’s do this!!

I’m in the second week of upper limb group for my hand. I just have to be more conscious when I do things and see how much I can do with my right. Push the connectors back into place……..or a bit of rewiring. 

Get back in the gym…….get James (gym James (GJ) to shout at me. Get back into a routine. Go at least 3 times a week + a personal training session!! 

Get CogMed completed. How long have I been doing it now? There are only 10 days of trading left……come on sort it out!!

Join slimming world and shift the unwanted extra weight I’m carrying. Which will help the rehab. 

Time to get a better understanding and control of my energy levels.

Get full use of the day. No more procrastination!

Laters 💋

One thought on “1st June 2016”

  1. gawd I know that one, procrastination… sounds like the energy levels are peeking their feisty little noses up over the cloud of fug….you go girl,

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