Mum & Dads Ruby Wedding Anniversary 21st/22nd May

Sat 21st we got ourselves sorted this morning and headed back to Suffolk. Tomorrow will be my parents Ruby Wedding anniversary so we are going back to celebrate it.

A couple of months ago I was chatting with my sister Emma and said how we should do something for mum & dad to celebrate the fact that they had survived 40 years of marriage (and there have been some tough times) and hadn’t killed each other. So apart from saying we should do this and speaking with Tina at the home guard social club where our parents drink, and conspiring with Julie from mums darts team that is all the credit I can take. 100% of the organisation of it all goes to Emma. Emma designed and printed the invites, sorted the cake, balloons, the meal, the menus, the lot. We squabble but I wouldn’t be without her. I’m lucky and proud that she is my sister.

So we are at the parents and time to get ready and get to the butchers arms for dinner. Emma and I have an extra surprise for mum & dad as they think that it’s only us that are going for the meal (parents, Emma, Andrew, Nathan, Maddie, Deb & myself). There will also be Aunty Jayne & uncle Chris (dad sis & hubby), Judy & Dicko (mum cousin & hubby) & Julie & Richard (the youngest bridesmaid at the wedding, Judy youngest daughter & hubby). So there was 14 of us and it was lovely. The food was fantastic and the portion sizes were huge. It was a great atmosphere and a good laugh. 

From there we went back to the home guard were Judy, Dicko, Julie & Richard joined us and the darts girls were waiting, also Danny & Alison, Sally & Peter, Laura (George), Christine, to name just a few (short term memory fart). The cake was up there so they cut that & handed out slices to everyone. I say everyone but I didn’t get a bit I had to wait until Sunday!! It was lovely to chat to faces that I hadn’t need in such a long time. 

I think our parents enjoyed themselves. Top marks to my sister for keeping it all a secret and not letting anything slip when speaking to mum. Mum is like Pirot it’s hard to keep things from her. Well done sis.

Sun 22nd a relaxing morning had by all. Bacon & egg sarnies…win!! Popped up to see Emma, Andrew & the kids. Mum came up & forgot to bring cake so we sent Nathan down to get cake while Emma made coffee. Finally I got some cake……yummy!! 

So it was time to leave but before we left Suffolk we pooped in and saw Laura(George), Martin, Molly, Abi & the cheeky monkey that is little Daisy. Oh and not forgetting the four legged craze ball that is buddy the lab. It was lovely to spend time with them all. We also got a date in the diary for them to visit. Awesomeness!!! 

Laters 💋

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