18th-20th May 2016

Morning folks.

Wednesday 18th May

Sarah (Headway) picked me up at 10:30am and we went to cheshunt to speak to someone called Peter about me maybe doing some voluntary work.  It’s like the nest step in Headway for me to help me on my path to eventual return to work one day.  So there is plenty for me to look at right now.

From there we went over to Welwyn Garden City to the Saebo centre. There we met with Glyn. Finally after following him on Twitter for a long while. He is fantastic bloke. Funny and puts you at ease straight away. I messed up all his measurements as I should have been a medium glove-medium brace, but no not Claire 2.0. Because of my skinny fingers a small glove was a better fit……sorry Glyn 😊 

So I have a trial period with the glove and then we decide if it will be beneficial in the long run. Glyn was very pleased with the range of movement I already had. It’s just my index finger and thumb that need a little bit of encouragement as to where they should be.

Thursday 19th May 2016 (1 Year)

Well it’s a year since Claire 2.0 was created. A whole year since my aneurysm! Well it will be at around 15:30 this afternoon!! Crazy! So thank you brain & body for fighting and not giving up!!! I will return the favour by pushing myself harder than ever. 
So I started that off with a PT session with James in the Gym. 1hrs of hell……..felt good at the end……..because it was over!! He worked me hard and challenged my core. It was a good distraction, even if it was only for a short time. Came home and sorted through some music as music is always a good distraction. 

Deb called to see how I was doing, she said it felt a wierd day to her. I try to imagine what it must have been like from her side, and I can’t. I guess unless you are in that situation you don’t know how you would act so you can’t even begin to understand what she went through. Or even what all our family and close friends we feeling. From my side I was fine 1min and in intense pain the next. Then the next few days it’s like a silent movie, or like watching a TV with bad reception and every so often the sound comes back for a minute or so then it’s gone again. I have very little memory of my behaviour or actions and then it all got worse and I remember very little, if anything.

Yildiz came round after her meeting at PCL, where see saw Deb who reminded her that it had been a year. I case I haven’t said before Yildiz was my boss when all this happened. She was on hol in Egypt when it happened. So she came round and brought snacks. So we sat here and chatted shit for a couple of hours. She brought Deb a basil plant and a bottle of wine.

Deb got home from work and we went for dinner. To celebrate life. 

We had a lovely Italian meal. Talking about how far we have come in the last 12 months. It was beautiful the two of us. After we stopped in at Deb parents for a catch up before heading home to chill and then bed.

Friday 20th May 

I got up early with Deb this morning as I have an appointment with Angus the psychiatrist this morning back at Danesbury at 09:30am. So Deb will drop me off and then pick me up later. 

Well that was eventful. It was good to talk to someone independent of family and close friends as there is no opinion given just guidance for help you make sense of everything. The 90mins went so quickly. I felt quite good at the end.  I would like Deb to come next time so that he can get an understanding of Claire 1.0 and the changes that have made Claire 2.0. When I told Deb in the car she said she would come next time. 

Deb dropped me in Hertford and went back to work. I had a mooch around and then headed back to Hoddesdon. 

I thought I was ok after the session this morning but I wasn’t so I was in bed by 21:30. Knackered.

Laters 💋

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