17th May 2016

Well………I had a productive day. 

Started with a bit of CogMed………..nearly lost my patience a couple of times but that’s nothing new with that programme. The most frustrating part is when I think I’ve solved a task, the score drops and then my brain points out where I went wrong. For example I have to remember a series of dots that light up and the numerical order. I’m doing well was 4, now 5, then 6 and now I’m on 7numbers to remember……….so I’m watching them all light up, remembering the order, now it’s my turn to complete the task! Ok…..1✔️2✔️3✔️4✔️5✔️6✔️7✔️…..boom yeah!! NOOOOO score drops……..brain engages……..no no nooooooo 5 was under 2 not to the right……..muppet!! Yeah cheers FOR THE HELP!!! 

So frustration was taken out on putting a wash load on……..except you calm down quite quickly as you try and pick up a top to throw onto the washing pile……..especially after the 5th attempt!! Dramatic effect epic fail!! 

Ok time to compose myself…….ok I’ll watch a bit of Rizzoli & Isles. Perfect!

Right enough perving at the tv time to force my arse to get to the gym! I don’t want to but I have too. Get there and James is back from his hols. So we decide…….sorry James decides that we will do some new moves today. Off the top of my head I can’t remember the machines but I was bloody tired at the end. We have also booked some PT sessions as I need a bit of a kick at the mo.

Got home and it’s was time for my favourite task of the day…….the washing up. I had to do it quick as one of my dear friends Kerry was coming round for a catch up and to cut my hair. It’s been a couple of months since we saw each other last so it was lovely to see her. My hair is fabulous too!!

I’m going to Cheshunt tomorrow with Sarah (Headway) to possibly look at volunteering. Then we had over to Welwyn Garden City to see Glynn for an assessment to see if a product called Saeboglove http://www.saebo.com/saeboglove/ would be of any benefit to me. Fingers crossed.

I am also booked in with another James at http://www.physio4you.co.uk for an assessment Monday 09:30am to see what extra we can get done to aid my rehab.

So all in all a good day now time to sleep.

Laters 💋

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