17th May 2016

Morning folks.

How are we all?? 

I’m ok, thank you for asking 😜

It’s was nice on Sunday to catch up with Corrine & Christy. I haven’t seen them since I was in hospital. Still both as crazy as ever. I was a well over due catch up. 

I’m a bit lost this week. I’m getting very angry when I can’t do my exercises correctly. Or I can’t get up off the sofa without using my left arm on the arm to help push me to standing!! I’m trying to get back into the swing of the gym……..failing miserably there too!! 

I was looking into extra physio as I’m not very good at motivating myself as you can see. I’m really struggling to decide if I really need neurophysio or just physio. Or is that just me believing I’m further along in my recovery than I actually am?

We now have a table and chairs for outside so we dined alfresco styleeeee last night and it was beautiful. 

 How beautiful is that!! 

We had rainbow trout so Asbo went and sulked……

Right time to get shit done. I’m not having another unproductive week!

Laters 💋

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