Friday 13th May

Hello poeple I apolgise for my poor permance on here over the last couple of weeks. There is no excuse that i can give. The truth was that I couldn’t be bothered. Infact I couldn’t be bothered with anything.

But I am back now.

Today I want talk about A couple of companies that I follow on Twitter. All I can say is I can’t imagine how hard life must’ve been for disabled before social media. You can find out so much so quickly about programs, or equipment that is available to help improve your life.

Okay the first is a company called Special Effect find then on Twitter @SpecialEffect. These geniuses have helped children and adults alike you are big gaming fans. They managed to adapt control pad’s & computers so that disabled people can join in with their friends and play FIFA or Call of Duty, or any came that they want. Thanks to the guys at Special Effect now nobody is left out. Honestly check them out and see they amazing work that they do. The happiness that they give is priceless! Thank you Special Effect 😀

The next is The Grappler, find them on Twitter @The_Grappler_.  This piece of equipment is sure genius on such a simple level. And I got the opportunity to speak to Dave Savage who invented The Grappler. This is some of our conversation:

Me: That really is an ingenious bit of equipment and very clever how it could be used by disabled people and how you can adapt it for the disabled people. Maybe I could persuade my local gym? I’m certainly interested in it. How can you adapt it for people like myself who is temporarily paralysed down my right hand side. I will would like to include you in my blog later if you don’t mind?

Dave: We can fit a lap belt to keep the user in position. We use to do a removable seat, but this was useless if the machine wasn’t bolted down. We have a lot of wheelchair users who prefer to get into the Grappler seat rather than work hard in the own wheelchair and have to then sit in their own sweat. The ‘Kiss’ charity user the Grappler for people with brain injuries/strokes. They use their stronger arm to position the weaker arm in place on the rope holding the other hand in place, like a double grip. This eventually retrains the brains pathways to control the stroke effected arm so after a while the arm muscles recover some movement and strength. It also trains your heart and lungs directly, I have a customer who bought a Grappler for home and he says it’s saved his life. He has advanced emphysema and he now manages to do everyday tasks with no difficulty. Hope you get to try a Grappler soon it has no impact so is great for training injuries. 

Honestly go and have a look at this piece of equipment that is ingenious. If I had the space here at home and with a little bit of saving as I’m not working at the moment I will have one of these myself. When my gym instructor James comes back of holiday I will be bending his ear about this and maybe we can persuade Broxbourne council into getting one at the John Warner centre. 

Can tailor the eve of the companies they are ingenious.

Laters 💋



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