The B/H weekend 29th April – 2nd May

Well a packed weekend we had. 

Friday 29th it’s Dan’s birthday so we head over to Twickenham for drinks. Deb is driving so we plan to stay at Hobbit & Veg’s place so that Deb doesn’t have to do a round trip in one night. And it was good fun I let my hair down and drank probably shouldn’t of but I did. It was lovely to catch up with everyone specially people that  I hadn’t for a long time, over a year in fact. 

Trying to walk drunk when you can’t walk very well is very entertaining. I did chuckle a lot. I turned round to Deb at one point and said “don’t talk to me I need concentrate on walking I can’t multitask”!!. Brilliant!!

Saturday 30th. We get up and sit in the front room chatting about last nights shenanigans. Hobbit was asking about Tracy’s cat puffcat and if he was still alive. My response “no he was old and drunk”……after realising what I said and not being able to remember what I was meant to say I just started hysterically laughing for what seemed like ages, tears rolling down my cheeks and struggling to breathe. 

So we all went and met up for breakfast. On the way there hobbit turn to veg and said that she had stepped in dog shit, but instead of checking the bottom of her shoe she pranced about like a pony. That was it hysterical laughter round two. I had to stop and try and keep my balance while laughing. Again tears rolled down my cheeks. 

Granny didn’t look very well at all when she got to the pub for breakfast she was looking a bit green around the gills. And have a bit of a struggle with eating her breakfast. Breakfast finished and we just sat there chatting shit basically, the most randomness conversations you can have. Then Veg came out with an absolute corker classic. Veg and Hobbit are going to Whitstable to see a friend so veg said “isn’t that where touching the cloth is made”. That’s it round three of hysterical laughing started. “I mean tipping the velvet” Veg corrected herself in between hysterical laughter. Once I could control myself a bit I couldn’t resist in saying “I’ve seen the review for touching the cloth and its shit”! the laugher continued.  We all left the pub at about 3pm after getting in there at 9am. All sensible and everything. I think if we didn’t have places to be we stayed in there all day.

In the evening we went over to Debbie’s bosses house as it was his wife’s birthday so they have a little barbecue party. Again Deb drove. When they live is absolutely beautiful. It was a good night John kept coming in with the shots of something, I have no idea how many I had. They were nice though, I would say it was probably a little bit like tequila rose but with  hazelnut. Apparently I was a nightmare to get in the car to go home. When we got back to the flat I managed to gracefully land on my bum on the floor, then got myself on my knees into the bedroom where Deb helped me to bed.

Sunday 1st. I am mentally and physically exhausted, it’s been a busy weekend for me. New surrounding I have been in, seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time and also seeing new people, new faces, it’s a lot for my little old brain to take in. And the copious amounts of alcohol probably didn’t help. So I dropped in and out of sleep all day. I was best friends with the bed. 

Deb took herself on a 20+ mile bike ride. She caught the train to Stratford and the rode back along the river. Her bum did hurt by the time she got back. She was so chuffed with the self for doing it and she wants to do it again. We sat on the roof terrace and had a burger and then I went back to bed as I just wanted to sleep and if I have stayed outside then I would’ve got burnt. 

After sleeping again we sat and watched some films. The new Jungle book, then Maleficent, then RED. 3 awesome films. 

Monday 2nd. I’m still not moving much. Still really tired. So another day of doing nothing. Deb was in clean up mode so she would blitz a room then watch a program and then blitz another room then watch a program. When Deb gets in cleaning mode I stay out of her way. It’s safer. 

Then we get to today. Tuesday 3rd May. Up early and done stretches in bed. I have a load of different strength bands to use on my leg. I’ve had really ingestion this morning. I know I know I result of the drinking. I had to wait in for a sofa to be delivered this morning. Now time for more exercises……

Laters 💋

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