28th April 2016

Just thought I would say hi. 

It’s been a few days and I did say I would try and write on here more. 

It’s been a good a not too bad few days. 

  • Been to the gym everyday ✔️✔️✔️✔️
  • Done CogMed each morning ✔️✔️❌✔️
  • Leg & arm stretching ✔️❌✔️✔️
  • Hand work ✔️❌❌❌
  • Taking tablets ✔️❌✔️✔️
  • Washing up ✔️❌✔️✔️

These things I had put on a list of tasks I must do everyday.  As you can see I’m not perfect everyday but who is? The worst offender is my hand. I can’t seem to get the communications between hand and brain to work ( and before you people reading this think “obviously you can’t get them to work you had a stroke”! I know that I mean the line of communication that were open see firmly shut right now)!! So that has been quite a struggle for me. Then more they don’t work the more frustrated I get. Which then grows into a tantrum with a bit of self loathing thrown in for good measure. You can’t beat a bit of self loathing and not being able to think of the words to insult yourself with!! 

I’m going to see the physiologist tomorrow. Angus is his name. I don’t know what will go on. I’ve been waiting since end of last year. Is it weird that I’m looking forward to it???

Anyway I need some sleep now.

Laters 💋 

3 thoughts on “28th April 2016”

  1. that’s a week of great achievements…. but self loathing, i know, where does that crap come from?? AND you typed up a blog!!! well done. would it be ok if i put a link to your blog on the young stroke survivors site here? it might be interesting for them and you to see the differences in systems ,,, thass all love love xxxxx

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    1. I know it’s great trying to insult myself bit not being able to think of the word. Wow thank you of course it would be fine hopefully it will help people. Send me the link as well and I will add it to my Twitter page. Xxx


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