Monday 25th April 2016

Well what a week it was last week. Body in idle mode. Trying to process everything. Putting everything into the reality folders and then putting into storage. I think most of it all is filed now. Maybe a few sheets that need holes punched in and then they will be filed.

I woke this morning and decided I needed to put down tasks that I have to do everyday with out fail. Regardless of my mental state. I need to put some kind structure to my day. It’s too easy for my brain to play the tired card. Don’t get me wrong I do get tired and I must rest at those times, but not everyday. 

I returned to the gym today too. It felt good to be back there. Spoke to James about last week and how I hope to get together with him and Marion my Danesbury physio soon so we can create a bigger plan of rehab. 

Sarah (Headway) came round for a catch up. Threw a few ideas around maybe looking at some volunteery work. All in all a good day.  

What a crazy weekend!!

My sister Emma, husband Andrew, nephew Nathan (15) and niece Maddie (6) all came to stay for the weekend.  Asbo is still recovering!! 

Sat lunchtime we all went over to Watford crem to place some flowers in Bluebell wood for Nanny Radlett’s birthday. She would have been 93. We met aunty Jayne (dad’s sister) there. It was lovely to see her and have a catch up as the last I saw her was just before I left Danesbury last August. 

Back home again and we went over to Rye Park and played crazy golf. Well it certainly was crazy. Playing one handed and keeping my balance was challenge all in itself, but it was funny. We returned home and ordered pizza and had another YouTube jukebox night. Everyone joined in even the children. We then had a stint of just dance for Maddie before she had to go to bed and then it was back to YouTube jukebox.

Sunday we had a chill out day. Watched some films, the MotoGP which Rossi won (wooohoooo). They all left around 3pm and then I watched Watford get beaten by crystal palace in the F.A Cup semifinals (boooooooo). 

Laters 💋

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