19th Jan 2016

It’s been a hard start to the today for me as it is two years since Nanny Radlett passed away and I miss her so much. I’m sure she is having a G&T out there somewhere for sure xxxx

So I wasn’t really in the mood for upper limb group today. So I called up and cancelled, but also asked Marion the Physio to call me and plan some sessions. I had a missed call about an hour later, so I returned the call but no answer. I miss my physio sessions. My last session was 22nd Dec, then it was Xmas and then Marion was on hol. Hope I get some soon. 

Although I didn’t go to upper limb group I did set myself up at the table……..

I had my wooden blocks to practice picking up with my finger and thumb, Two glasses to practice holding and moving, A spiked ball to squeeze in my hand to get sensation back and a bag of tricks to try recognise by touch (and the cats laser pen). I thought I would concentrate on my arm as I am having pain in my back today. So I thought I will give it a bit of a rest. It wasn’t too bad. I worked in it all afternoon, giving out a little “whoop whoop” each time it clicked together. 

Deb got home from work, we had dinner and she sat down and watched Neighbours. So do not disturb. After neighbours we put the Wii on and played Wii Sports. Deb changed all the controls over for me so I could play left handed. Well that was hard. I’m a bit heavy handed on my left, but I had a go and it was ok. Deb got the gloves on and did a bit of boxing and then……….

DjGranny in the house (look at the concentration on her face). So I sat in the chair bopping while she tore up the dance floor. She is really good at it. I love the song mixes, wish there was a soundtrack you could buy.

Time for sleep.

Laters 💋

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