12th Jan 2016

Shattered still. I had Sarah from Headway coming round this morning so I set my alarm for 7am. This would give me plenty of time to get myself sorted before she arrived. I finally forced myself out of bed at 8:30am!! Came into the kitchen and had some cereal and a drink and then turned my attention to trying to look human.  Note how I say trying…….with the lack of sleep I’ve had. 

I sat there and battled with my foot and the Sumo boot. After 20mins it felt in the right place so I fastened the velcro. Just as I done that Sarah buzzed so I let her in the building. A little while later the was a knock so I said I open as I was putting my socks on…..and in walked a slightly tired Sarah. 

Rather that use the lift Sarah decided to take the stairs as she lives in a bungalow, so a bit of exercise. Yeah I can see that but with the big bag she carries (honestly Mary Poppins ain’t got nothing on Sarah. I feel a slap coming when I see her next), is wasn’t just a bit of exercise…..oh no no no I would a bloody workout. Once Sarah had recovered, hot drinks were made and we caught up on life, the paperwork began. Sarah as appalled but the PiP bit so we set about finding the appeal paperwork and printing that off. They certainly don’t make it easy for you. Why would they they don’t want to give it to you. Then we started the ESA form. Another 50page document. In the end Sarah rang them up and got there help to make sure we were filling the correct bits and to understand their arse about face way of questioning. Finally bless her for not loosing the will to live we got the forms sorted. We have the first HaBiT meeting of 2016 next week and we will finish the forms off there as Margaret will be available. I look forward to HaBiT it really help me understand what is going on in my brain and to be around others who are in similar circumstances.

12:30pm and Deb was waiting in the car park to take me to Danesbury for a new group I am starting called Upper Limb Group. It is run by Jeanette and Marion. I guy that was there the same time as me called Jim is at the group too which is nice to see how far along he had come. It’s gives me a great feeling inside. We do activities, stretching exercises and even get homework!! I haven’t had homework in over 10yrs!! Jim left his homework but we were meeting downstairs for a coffee so I took it to him……..he was so chuffed…….not!! After Jim had gone I caught up with some of the staff as was waiting there until Deb could come and pick me up. Caught up with Tracy the ward clark, Adrian, Gary, and crazy Abi. I like going back and seeing them all.

Deb picked me up and I went back to work with her so she could finish off her work. There is good banter where she works the all have a laugh. Deb had stuffed her face with food at work dinner was sorted tonight. As I sat there she made me a cup of tea and said she was going to get me a slab of quiche. No word of a lie that is exactly what it was. Bloody huge slab of quiche. Was nice though. Tried to rob her of biscuits……..fail……..she had none, but she did find a suspect bag with something disgusting in it. After a little dance of horror round the office she threw it in the bin. 

We got home and I watched Elementary as Deb carried on with some work.

Deb has crashed on the sofa and I have made it to bed. It’s midnight and I will try and sleep.

Laters 💋

One thought on “12th Jan 2016”

  1. I am finally home, had a lovely time. Have just caught up on your blog, you clever woman, so much work!!! You have written it so well, I hope you are proud of yourself. I like that its so honest but only about yourself, no comments about others tho I am sure there could be lots. Claire, niecey dear, you do sooooo impress me… love you xxxxx

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