13th Jan 2016

Woke at 8:30am and carried on getting up to date with my blog. By 10am I had posted another to days so rewarded myself by going back to sleep. I’m still so tired. 

It was lunchtime before I was awake again. So after Asbo had walked all over me I decided I need to get back into my exercises. Worked on my legs today, my glutes, hamstrings, pelvis, hip flexers and abdominals, while trying to keeping my arms stretched out to stretch my deltoids. I put my Sumo on too to help keep my foot in position. My arm didn’t want to play ball today. After a couple of attempts do hold it in the air, I couldn’t and had to catch with my left arm so I could lower it gently. 

I got up, threw on some joggers and made a cuppa. 

Deb got home from work and started on dinner as Kerry is coming round tonight. It should of been Kerry and Alex, but Alex had band practice. They have a band, Radio Video you should look them up on Facebook. Alex plays base and Kerry is lead singer and there are brilliant. I’m not saying that because I am bias. Me and Kerry have known each other 18months since we worked in The Rye House pub. It’s feel like we have known each other for longer though. Kerry came up Addenbrookes with Deb the day after my 1st operation, and came to Danesbury every Monday while I was there. We sat round the island talking while Deb finished making lasagne and salad. It was absolutely divine! It was so yummy! Deb is a brilliant cook. It was the kind of meal where you sat there after and savoured the taste. Kerry then gave me a hair cut as it was well overdue. The last time she cut it was just before I left Danesbury. Kerry left around 10pm as she had to pick up Alex front band practice. 

Time for bed. Deb suggested that I try a camomile tea and perhaps that would help me sleep. So let’s see.

Laters 💋

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