10th Jan 2016

Well got some sleep dad brought me a cup of tea up and Deb started drinking it and moved out of my reach on the bedside table. So once I had battled with Deb to get my cup of tea back……basically I just threatened to scream and tell my mummy (proper child’s play) I then battled with my limbs to get dressed.

Decided that sliding my walking stick down the stairs was the best idea as I couldn’t carry in and walk down the stairs. As the stairs are at my parents are steep the walking stick kept getting stuck, so a slightly harder than needed shove and the stick got the bottom, with my dad appearing from the dining room shortly after looking shocked but relived that it wasn’t me in a crumbled heap on the floor.

Mum got back from helping Emma collect everything from the hall after last night and we had bacon and egg sarnies. Yummy yummy yummy!! Deb sat and done some work to make sure everything was OK. We sat and had a catch up before getting all of stuff together and leaving. Popped in and had a cuppa with Emma, Andrew, Nathan and Maddie before we left and gave them their Christmas presents. They got us JustDance so Deb will be in her element and Cards Against Humanity which is fantastic. I first played it when we visited Dan & Yvette after I came out of hospital. It’s a brilliant game. I should be able to understand it better now.

That’s it by 1pm we were in the car and heading back to Hoddesdon. It’s was such a quick visit. We will plan it better next time. 

I tried to sleep in the car again as I was so tired but to no avail again. 

Stopped in at Deb sister Sarah’s on the way home to have a cuppa and drop off a card and present for her nephew Nigel’s as it was his birthday weds. John was having a pedicure by Becs as she is doing a college course in nails. Once she was done with John she then sorted out Deb nails to strengthen them and help then grow as it’s much nail. Once she had done Deb then Becs sorted my nails out. When she started on my right hand all the buffing and filing of the nails was playing with the nerves in my hand. It was tickling so much and I was pulling some weird faces. I think I will get her to do my nails once a week or fortnight as I think it help the nerves in my hand.

We finally got home and I got straight into bed. Hoping that my body would relax and maybe I would get some sleep. The short answer………..NO………no such luck. It was 2am before I was asleep. 💋

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