9th Jan 2016

Ever have the feeling you are being watched……..

This is what greeted me as I woke up this morning!! Bloody furball once I was awake he jumped down and had a fuss. Once he had had enough the buggered off down the end of the bed and went back to sleep!! It’s true cats are not are pets we are theirs!!
I hurt today, I’m so tired I think I might of overdone it. Tried to run before I can walk. I do have to try these things but maybe in smaller doses.
While trying to get brain and body to try and muster up some kind of connection Ana called me. From up in the cold isles of Shetland. I call her little Shetland pony! We video called and I got to meet her new fella called Tony. He seems like a lovely guy. Ana was grinning from ear to ear ahhhhhhhhh 😍 Its great catching up with her as she has been quite pivotal in my recovery, and has become a great friend.
My day wasn’t very productive at all. Tried to focus on some arm exercises but my concentration wasn’t great.
It was my bro-in-laws 40th BiRtHdAy party back in Suffolk. So once Deb was home from work and we were sorted we headed up there.
It was 9pm before we were there so another long day. I did try to have a nap early evening before Deb came on from work and in the car on the journey up but to no avail.
It was a lovely night catching up with faces that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Also it was lovely to catch up with some very close dear school friends of mine. We had a good chat and made plans to meet up more this year. When something like this happens to you, you realise how important friends and family are.
Once I was finally in bed I struggled to get to sleep. My brain has been overloaded with information and new surrounding’s over the past two days it’s struggling to rest. 💋

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