8th Jan 2016

Apologise that I have not been updating my blog but I have had a packed few days. 

Well what an eventful weekend I have had. I done some walking, socialising and I’m paying for it today. In a good way but I am knackered, mentally and physically. I have slept all day…….literally!! I am shattered!! But let’s start the blog catch up….
Friday started with me sitting at the kitchen island thinking of how you get income after the government believe that there is nothing wrong with me and that I don’t deserve any financial help from then (the ****ing *********). I felt pretty damn low to be fair. So at lunchtime I grabbed my walking stick and walked round to the in-laws (I looked it up in Google and it is a 9min walk that takes me 30min) with some butter that Deb got for them and and for a catch up and a cuppa tea (or two). Once I got back to the flat I crashed as I was tired so had a little nap.

I needed to start getting ready as Deb is taking me into London to see a show that was brought as a Christmas present. So I started and even to put my Sumo Boot on. (Picture below). The Sumo boot was made to measure for me so that my foot was put in the correct position to aid my walking. It’s made by them taking a plaster cast of my foot and ankle and then the boot is created out of silicon, with harder silicon in the areas that I need support.


Isn’t it beautiful. It’s amazing but I still have a bit of a challenge putting it on so waited for Deb to get home to make sure it was on correctly.

Right here we go the journey and challenge of London. The train journey in was fine. The step on and off the train was a challenge but Deb was there to help.

The next challenge that we had was the escalators. As I don’t have normal use of my right side I was having to stand on the left side of the escalators and of course there are sign to keep to the right……..whoops!! It was entertianing as someone would ask us to move over, or huff and we would just apologise and show my walking stick and straight away they would apologise. I can understand why because standing still I look fully able. It’s not until move that my disability is seen. Another thing that I have found since all this has happened to me is places have a rest and regain energy to carry on the journey. Before all this I would carried on until a found somewhere that looked nice to take a breather. Now my body tell me it needs to rest by breaking all connections, thus causing me stop and rest.

But we made it its time to watch Dr Suess The Lorax…….



It was absolutely amazing. The combination of actors and puppets was brilliant. Completely kept the magic of Dr Suess alive. I felt like a child. It was a completely magical experience. I am so glad Deb found these tickets it was so fantastic. 

After all the challenges of the escalators, tube and train we got home at 11pm. Both shattered and Deb has work tomorrow so time for bed. Deb had to help get the Sumo boot off as I couldn’t do it by myself. I had to wash the boot out too as if I didn’t it would start walking by itself!! There is no way I am going to let my boot walk better than me!! And sleep!! 

Laters! 💋

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