7th Jan 2016

Woke as Deb was leaving for work so used the time to respond to messages. Had a good catch up with Ana all the way up in the Shetlands. She is a good friend to me and challenges me to loose weight. Ana like the blog and told be not to let the bastards get me down. Also caught up with Alex who I used to work with. That was nice. He is a complicated man with a beautiful heart. 

Went back to sleep. Woke again at 11am (lazy I know). I was in 2nd gear and ready to pump this up a gear. Spent a good 30 mins of sweat and tears doing my exercises in bed. I listened to Anthems House by Ministry of Sound. Got washed and dressed and headed to the kitchen to make some lunch and a smoothie. By the time that was all done it was 14:00. 

Time for some more exercise. So I put Kisstory on the radio So sat in my perch stool and used the mini exercise bike and pedalled, concentrating on keeping my hip and knee at the right angle to that the right muscles were used. From there I moved into the kitchen bit and done some squats, balancing, and stretches. 

Decided that I was going to take photos of things to sell on eBay to raise extra funds. It’s quite entertaining taking photos one handed and not ending up with them all blurred. Well managed a few and thought I will quit the photography while my iPad as still in one piece. I did manage to put one thing on eBay. Will it sell……..if people just look at the photos yes.

Deb got home from work and we caught up on each other’s days. Deb made a bacon salad for dinner which was yuuuuummmmmmyyyyy!!! We discussed all kinds of ideas of ways we could make some money. 

Pop over to Deb parents as there was a couple of letters there for me. One of the letters as about my PiP claim. It turns out that after I asked them to review the decision and the accompanying letter written by Headway I am still not entitled to anything. Apparently I don’t need any kind of help. ****ing hell, *********, *******!!!! I am so angry and so sad all at the same time and really battling with my brain not to snap and through a shit fit. I will speak to headway and see if there is anything else we can do. I have sent Sarah a text and we will so form there. 

I’m off to try and calm down so I can sleep.

Laters 💋

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