6th Jan 2016

I’m really tired this morning. I woke up when Deb left for work. So I have been awake since 6am. It’s really foggy outside today. I am not in the mood to exercise. I just want to stay under the covers thanks. 

Sarah an OT with Headway (www.headway-herts.org.uk) came to see me today. Headway Hertfordshire works closely with people who have a brain injury, their carers and families. Helping to erase social isolation, improve health and wellbeing and give carers a break. They aim to raise awareness with local groups, professionals, statutory authorities, charities and others through presentations, talks and face to face meetings. She is such a scream. I have been working with Sarah since Oct 2015. Every fortnight I go to a group called Habit which is devised by Headway and help with the cognitive recovery of the brain. If it hadn’t been for them I don’t believe I would be as social as I am now, and if it hadn’t been for Sarah and one of the Volunteers called Margret I would been fighting for my right to PiP (personal indepenant payment). 

Trying to get any kind of benefits has been such a struggle. When I 1st applied for PiP we (I say we but it was Deb who done all the writing) filled in the 40page booklet, attached all my medical and sent it off on 2nd Oct. Middle of Nov I went of an assessment with a Physio of their choice. All that info was then given to a being sitting in an office, who had not seen me physically with their on eyes, to then decide that I wasn’t entitled to anything. Headway have helped me to appeal the decision, so watch this space. Also waiting for a form so I can apply for ESA, but that all I am entitled to apply for.

I am so disgusted with our system. Because Deb works over 26hrs a week I am not entitled to any other benefits. Deb isn’t entitled to any kind of carers allowance because she works to hard. So basically even though I have been in full time employment since I was 19yrs old and am now in the situation. Deb works 48hrs a week and now has to do overtime to cover my share of the bills and anything that I might need. The system makes me sick. 

So the afternoon was really shit. I spent it tying to things of what I could do as a job to take the financial burden off Deb. How I could get better faster to get back to work sooner. 

Deb got home from work and I cried and got all worked up. She calmed me down and said that the ultimate goals was me getting back to full health, and that we have to wait to see about the PiP.

Deb is such a strong, methodical woman. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Night all 💋

3 thoughts on “6th Jan 2016”

  1. I’m loving your blog Claire, it saddens me and make me smile in equal measures. Your positive nature and relationship with Debs really shines through.

    I’ve been catching up on your last couple of days – (reading them back to front because I never do anything in the right order) I hope you get the funding you deserve.

    Take care and keep up the blog xx

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  2. Love reading your blog! I’m also disgusted that you’re finding it so hard to get financial help after what you both have been through/going through! Our system is so messed up!
    Keep your chin up though, fingers crossed the appeal will work out xx

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