5th Jan 2016


Had a good 12 hrs sleep last night. For the first time this year I actually went to bed when I was tired. I feel pretty good this morning. Also I have remembered (well done me. Brain is back on side. More proof that I must give into my tiredness) to jot things down as I remember them. 

Today’s first thing exercises went pretty well. It turns out that good sleep = good connections. Also the sun was shining which helps a lot. It was a bit of a challenge to concentrate on the moves as Asbo (my black & white furball sidekick) wanted me to get up and give him my full attention. Honestly any of my friends who mention that they are thinking of having children, I am going to give them Asbo for a week. Once I had finished my exercise, I got up and got to the kitchen to make some breakfast (Asbo still in good vocal spirit). Once breakfast was made I did entertain the furball and it was for all of 20mins before he was bored and pissed off back to bed!! 

I had OT today with Jeanette. She has been my OT since I left Danesbury. It was a good session today. Jeanette liked the blog and said that it was a good, positive thing to be doing. We spoke about how I have changed my medication and how that has helped me. I explained the small movements I go with my hand while watching tv which she said was good. Jeanette then got me to lay on the bed and demonstrate the exercises that I do in the morning. She added some new ideas into it. For example when lying there holding my arm up, do it for 6sec and then rest. Do this 10times and then next week increase to 8secs. Do this so that I then actually notice the improvement. Also Jeanette mentioned Mindfulness techniques to help. It’s certainly interested me so I am going to look into it further. Finally we chose a couple of goals for me to achieve in the Upper Limb group that I will be joining next week. We only picked a couple as at the moment I have such a varied level of extension and contraction in my arm, we thought it best not to complicate things too much. 

It’s been a really good evening. I’ve been writing my blog and Deb chilled reading a book. We had a good catch up on how our days have been, and after dinner had a farting competition. I’m at a slight disadvantage as I can’t get out of the way quick enough, especially trying to get up off the sofa. I got my own back though. 

I would give today 8/10. Laters 💋

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