4th Jan 2016

I had loads of things to write today. One teeny tiny detail I forgot and that it………(drum roll please…….)……….to jot them down as the day went on. I bloody forgot to write them down. 

The day started with Deb waking up at sparrow fart o’clock. So she went and watched The Hobbit (part 3. The something of smog). I dozed and then she came in with a cuppa tea and then we planned the jobs we would get done today before she went back to work.

In a bid to get my out of bed my job was to strip the bed and put clean duvet set on. This is good therapy for my right arm and my mood control (well that’s what I keep telling myself). I get in such a state with it. It was around 09:00 that I started and it was around 10:00 that I finished. That’s a workout and a half to start the day. That is including getting Deb to put on the sheet because the mattress is too heavy for me to pick up at this moment in time. 

I went into the kitchen area and done some leg work. It’s the right height so I can’t cheat. Some squats, both legs and also just the right leg, and some stretches.

After Deb had finished the paperwork we planned our evening meals for the week and then went food shopping. Deb only allows me to go shopping with her as it is exercise for me. Before this happened I never used to go. To be fair I’m only allowed to go now because I use the trolley as a walking aid and therefore am unable to add extra items to the shopping list.

That’s kind of it today. I don’t really feel in a talkative mood. 

Catch you tomorrow 💋

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