3rd Jan 2016

I woke today feeling sad. All by myself as Debs had the Smile High Club gig yesterday and then stayed at a friends. I wasn’t sad that she went because I brought her the ticket, and she needed to escape life for a bit. You see for the past 7months her life has been work or looking after me, she hasn’t had any Debs time and she needed that. I woke up sad because I missed out. A few friends were going so it would have been good to catch up but at the same time it wasn’t the best location/surrounding for me. Also then Debs wouldn’t have been able to go crazy as she would’ve have been too concerned over if I was ok. And the whole point of getting her the ticket was so she could go crazy.

I don’t thank that my mood as helped by the dark, wet, weather outside.  Today is a why won’t it work day.  My shoulder and my brain weren’t co-operating either. So thought I would concentrate on my leg otherwise all valves would burst and even Hannibal wouldn’t have been brave enough to come near me. Needless to say my leg didn’t want to co-operate either. This is turning out to be a brilliant Sunday!! 

So I decided to get up and have some breakfast and try and regather myself. My brain it seems isn’t interested in co-operating at all today.  Late nights I don’t think help. So rather than throw shit fit as I call it (otherwise known as a tantrum on a major level) I got a cup of tea and sat down and watched Elemetary (a great series on sky one). It’s a modern day Sherlock Holmes it’s brilliant. Decided that best to distract myself. 

It did help I decided that I needed to out smart myself. So while watching the tv I started going some small finger movement in my hand to practice muscle control. Win! Also some shoulder movements. Win! But I have to be careful if I try to complicate the moves too much then a shit fit wouldn’t be far behind. So just a few and often is the recipe today. As I walk it seems that my hip and knee have mad a pact that the only way I am going to walk anywhere today is looking a pirate dragging their leg.  So careful consideration was needed. My physio had told me before Christmas that needed to start being more challenging to myself. Ok……hmmmmmm. Boom!! I have an idea. So holding onto the kitchen side I lift up my good leg and balance on just my right leg. It isn’t easy but nothing is. Now I bend that leg and then straighten and I achieve in getting brain, hip and knee all to play ball. Let’s add some squats in for good measure. Communication restored.

I know that my exercise hasn’t been very much today but sometimes it’s not the physical side that needs attention. Sometimes it’s the mental side, and today was a mental side. I have spent a great deal of today trying to understand the connection patten of my brain and finding ways to out smart myself to get some excercise done. My my brain was my nemesis today. It might be again tomorrow. Who knows. 

I’m of now to watch some more Elementary and then to catch up with Debs when she gets back, and hear all about Smile High. 💋

One thought on “3rd Jan 2016”

  1. Hello hun. Wanted you to know I am reading your blog and am very impressed with how you are doing. I know we don’t speak everyday but I read this and your status’s on Facebook. You are always in my thoughts and love how determined you have been not sure I could cope like you do. Lo e you always and hopefully catch up soon xxxx

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