HaPpY NeW YeAr

Happy new year to everyone.

So how were the heads yesterday?? How many people swore that they were not going to drink again?? 

I know I know I’m a day late but because I decided to wave goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016 I spent most of yesterday sleeping because I forget that my body and my brain at the moment cannot survive on little sleep. So I slept yesterday which I know isn’t good for me but of the year that has been wanted to make sure I waved goodbye to it.
So needless to say it was a massive fail with regards to my physio and exercises yesterday. I am back on track today and feeling really good about moving forward and connecting the nervous between my brain and my arm and leg. My physio told me just before Christmas that if I wanted to stay in bed the next for 10 minutes in the morning then to do that I would have to do some arm exercises. It is hard.

 Trying to keep hold and control of my arm directly above me is quite a challenge. 

Trying to control my arm and bring it down to touch my nose with out giving myself a blackeye is hard. 

Bring my hand down to touch my cheek or my forehead without causing myself and injury is hard. 

Moving my hand about in the air in their figure of eight motion and not giving into the loss of muscle strength that I have so that my arm feels really heavy and the easiest option is to just give up that’s really hard. 

Laying flat on my back knees bent trying to lift my pelvis of the bed while keeping control of my knee and my hip and my right that’s hard.

Lifting my pelvis and my good leg off the bed whilr trying to use my bad leg to keep my pelvis of the bed that’s hard.

That’s only 30 minutes of exercise and that feels like 2 hours.

Also then sit and watch a TV programme while peddling on a mini excerise bike. 

Then a few squats. I could never do squats properly until now. Not that they are  perfect right now the still better than what I used to be able to do.

Called up my father-in-law today and he took me food shopping as Debbie was at her Christmas present which was a ticket to the fat boy slim is smile high club gig at Tobacco doc in London. But she conveniently decided to shout out as she left “don’t forget the cats got no food left”. Cheeky monkey! But that’s what I think is great about her she will leave me stuff to do. It’s like she sets me her own little challenges. And I do get really frustrated when I don’t achieve them. I’m sure that’s why she does it.

Even now it is really hard to understand how you can go from being fully able to do anything one-day and in an instance that has changed. For me it is a temporary thing it will all come back but it’s going to take a very long time. But it still doesn’t get any easier to understand. Like I said before I’m not depressed any more about what has happened to me because I can’t change that. For me now it is dealing with the anxiety I am sitting here practising to pick up a boat building block and my fingers won’t react how I want them to. This is where I turn into a five-year-old and keep saying why! Why can’t I pick that up! Why can’t that finger bend how I wanted to! And the answer is practice, the only way things are going to get better is if I practice. 

I must admit when I woke up in the morning and stretch on my right hand I do give the live long and prosper sign and I’m not even a fan of Star Trek. I promise one morning I will remember and I will take a photo and put it up on here. It is quite entertaining to have a little chuckle to myself.

It’s really late really should get to bed so good night.

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