25th Jan 2016

This was the view I woke to this morning

How beautiful is that. This place is amazing and the views fantastic.  Sent my sister Emma a good luck text as she starts her job today. I must text tomorrow and find out how it’s going.

So I have decided maybe a will do a little video each day to go with the blog so you your out there can see the exercise as I do it. Become a vlogger!! Just need to set the iPad up better so you can see the whole move. It was strange seeing myself. I cried the first time I played it back. Asbo did try and put me off by lying down next to me……..


I spent most of the afternoon trying to upload the videos to my blog, so not really done much else. Also the exercises were hard today. My body didn’t want to play. To be fair my body hasn’t wanted to play. It’s been very stubborn, but I will break the stubborn cycle.

Deb got home from work and had a go on the Wii. She had brought some batteries for the balance board so was playing Wii fit. I’m going to have a go at that too. I honestly the Wii is brilliant for recovery from this all. Also the Xbox Kinect as it follows you whole body, not just the remote.

These  two are inseparable until Asbo wants to escape………

…….and Deb doesn’t want him to………..check out Asbo legs……….poor monkey.

Spoke to Diane (my Aussie aunty) she is a crazy lady. 

Busy day tomorrow I have upper limb group followed by physio so I will be shattered tomorrow evening. Time for bed!

Laters 💋

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