26th & 27th Jan 2016 

What a full on couple of days I have had. I apologise for not blogging yesterday but I was a bit knackered from upper limb group followed by physio and a bit down. The group was good but we were focusing on sensation, so that wasn’t a good time for me. I don’t have very good (as in hardly) sensation in my hand. With my eyes closed if something is put in my right hand I feel it to figure out what it is. So that is really shit. So really got to focus on stimulation for my hand. It’s a scary feeling, because at this moment in time I can’t feel if what I have in my hand is hot so I am at risk of burning myself. It’s is scary to think I might not get it back. Physio was good worked on my walking. Marion is a hard taskmaster. We done steps and stretches for my big toe, Extensor Digitorum Longus, Extensor Hallucis Longus and Achilles. So I was pushed hard. Which is what I need. Caught up with Abi and Abdul which was nice. I always like seeing the sisters, nurses and health assistants when I go there. I made some good friends there.

Today was all mental challenge. I had my mother-in-law Kath and our great niece Erin over for the day.  Erin’s mum (our niece) Bec had exams today and she passed all three of them! Whoop Whoop!! Who knew that all the things I use for rehab are great for keeping 22month old entertained. Erin has better balance as she showed on my wobble cushion. The building block tower challenge was a clear win for Erin. Her dancing skills are out of this world. I think I could learn a lot from this small human. 

I’m started to get seriously pissed off as the bloody lift in this block of flats keeps breaking down. Sort it out people!!

Time for sleep. I am all tireded out. 

Laters 💋 

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