22nd Jan 2016

I don’t feel like talking about me today. I don’t feel like I am achieving anything at the moment. So rather than drag anyone down that is reading this I will talk about a friend.

Her name is Victoria but we call her Granny. Granny and Deb have been friends since they where at uni together. Well the crazy lady that Granny is she decided that she was going to run a half marathon. She didn’t have a charity to run for and asking Deb if I would mind her running to Addenbrookes as the save my life. I was honoured and cry have a little cry of joy. So what I am saying to my readers out there if you would like to sponsor Granny then click on the link below

I hope the link works. Granny will be running on the 21st of Feb. Go Granny Go.

Laters 💋

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