29th Jan 2016

Had a restless nights sleep. Was very hot and kept getting tangled in the duvet. Was awake again at 5:30am. Deb made a cuppa and I thought I would check on how many of you lovely people out there had read my latest blog…….0…….and that is because brain fart here thought she had published it, but had saved it as a draft instead. So it was posted at about 6am. 

Sitting here with my cup of coffee, massage machine on my right wrist to help the sensation and CogMed in front of me……..lets do this!!! If my CogMed score is anything to go by today is going to be hard. I really struggled with it today. If you are not doing so well and it think you need a rest it will give you a time out for 15sec………..and I got THREE!! Fail!! 

Ok next focus is exercise………..

Decided that I needed the help of the hornets to give me power to exercise. Worked on my walking today. Concentrating on getting my leg to swing through instead of hitching and swinging round. That was hard. Stretching the muscles to loosen then so I could try and manipulate them into position. Then went to the stairs and we had a go at a bit of step aerobics. It wasn’t as coordinated as you see on TVs. Far far from it but we had a go. It’s good for hip movement and building up strength in the legs.

Body = knackered. Function this afternoon in minimal.

Evening Deb watched The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and not just the normal version oh no……the extended version. I couldn’t remember watching the first one so Deb gave a recap. It was so entertaining I should have recorded it. I will when we watch the final film in the trilogy.

Laters 💋

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