24 Jan 2016

First of all I like to say a belated happy birthday to the little monster that is Frankie she was six years old yesterday and she is having a party today, which we were meant to be going to but we didn’t get out the house until 1 o’clock. 

Went to Harlow as very wanted to do a bit of shopping and also get the car cleaned. It’s meant to be dog grey in colour but it was a dirty black colour by the time it was washed yesterday. Now it is back to its original colour and looks just like when it was first brought. 

Popped in for a cuppa coffee Sarah’s house. Becs was there collecting Erin, she is our great niece and she’s such a cutie.

On the way home stopped in and saw Frankie and gave her her birthday card and a little bit chocolate. And also got to have a slice of her birthday cake which was chocolate overload. It was yummy!! 

Finally got home and just monged out as Deb is quite tired so we just laid in bed watching telly. But not just any tele it was west side-story it was fabulous. I watched the whole thing I think Deb managed 20mins……….awwwwwww sleepy head. 

Laters 💋

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