Danesbury weeks 3&4

20/07 my physio/ot is back to normal. Paul is back from sick. Ana is back from hols. Two 1hr OT sessions to create the saboflex for my hand.  

 This is to help get my fingers to speak out instead of being a clenched fist. Kerry came and put my hair in platts.

21/07. physio am got the crutch. Ot pm using the saboflex to pick balls up. Ana told be to stop as I had knackered myself and was shaking. I couldn’t feel it. Diane watched to see it could like out of session times. Rick came up

22/07 ot in am with little Kerry. Physio pm muscle working followed by more walking. Mum and dad came up and spoke to Ana about my progress.

23/07 physio am with Paul and Dave to improve my walk. Ot in the day room as gym was full. It is such hard work.

24/07 Ot am with Ana. Had in room as needed to talk about when I leave and have a bit of a laugh. Then got told off and had to concent. Physio pm with Paul and Sarah. Now I can walk Sarah in helping Paul decide on lots of leg excerises for me to do to strengthen it. It is doing to be hard. 

25/07 I drew the short straw this weekend as both Ana & Paul are on this weekend. Reece came up to see me. I had physio at 14:30 and my legs were hurting. I had more exercise to do and my legs don’t know that has it them. Used the exercise bike for the first time and it is weird but it will be good in the long run. Just me rest of day. Deb got all dressed up a company night out. She looked wonderful at never seen her like that.

26/07 Had a shower at by myself no help and got my bra on my myself. Physio at 09:30 am on a Sunday……..how mean and crazy. In was nice and quiet though. Working on my stepping and getting my brain too remember how to use my knee, hamstring and to bend. Ot in the afternoon. Ana had decided on more exercises for me to do. When through them and some that she thought I would cheat at or couldn’t do at the moment were taken out. Worked on my arm and helping my shoulder to have better movement. Explained about bra this morning and Ana said of a another way to try. This involved her putting on my sport bra. I laughed as I watched her trying to get it off, letting her fight for a couple of minutes before showing her the simple way to take it of. Should of left her a bit longer as payback for all the new exercises, I think that would of been fair. Asked if I would be interested in staying here longer and I said yes as the more I can get the better recovery chance I have. 

27/07 Getting myself breakfast in the morning. Tried Ana’s way of getting on a bra and it worked. Another 09:30 physio session…….really……..I think I need to have words with that boy. Leg exercise again. My legs are sort of getting used to it all. Paul asked me it I would be interested in an extra week here. Of course!!! 11:30 exercise group a new session they had created. You can play skittles, throw beanbags at a target, throw in a net and use the exercise bike. It’s ok not too bad for a starting point for starters. Tried to sort out my accident insurance but my head couldn’t take the pressure so got upset and then called Deb which was out of order, I could have waited until she got here to the evening. I had Kerry for OT today and it wasn’t very good at all. My arm was hurting. I didn’t like Dave getting involved. Had a little cry at Abs when I got back to my room. I didn’t like it. Abs and me had a competition to guess ages. Diane came up. Kerry came and sorted my hair. 

28/07 OT today is for me to cook a snack. I decided on bacon and Brie baguette, as I haven’t had bacon in so long. Sacked Ana as she did not get baguettes she could only get rolls. Ana didn’t even get rolls that were already cut. I could do it so that was her job. I kept two for lunch. Ana a one as a second breakfast and one was left for Dave after my silly episode yesterday, which Ana did ask me about. She kinda put me in my place. Psychology at 11:30. Wasn’t too bad. I have new coping mechanisms to deal with situations. I still blow up but am trying to limit the damage I cause. Hopefully get myself finally to the point that I don’t cause damage and will be more rational. Physio this afternoon and checked that I can get in and out of the day. I managed to do it and Paul was happy with that. My right knee in very stiff so we worked on that and some standing. I was able to show Deb the progress in action. At the end of the session Paul said how both him and Ana will be fighting my corner to try and get me an extra week here. Debs was told by the estate agent that if we want stay in the flat we could. So Ana and Deb met with Paul who told them that I cannot walk up stairs so staying in the flat is not an option for us. Debs and myself taking photos. This is one of the better ones.

29/07 I HAVE THE MORNING OFF!! I haven’t been given any sessions this morning. Had a shower this morning. A dummy run for my wash & dress session tomorrow. Made myself breakfast and then went back to my room and done my exercises. The afternoon I had another cooking session and this time it was chicken and bacon pasta bake. Started with Ana and Kerry was running late. When Kerry did join us and I started cooking I think I managed to scare her the way I was acting. They have a induction hob and I took the pan off the hob and told Kerry to put her hand on it as it was perfectly safe. She didn’t believe me. Kerry cut the broccoli and then all ingredients were thrown into a dish and put in the oven. Kerry didn’t believe it was going to work, because I didn’t boil the pasta first. Got it out of the oven and everything was fine. Smelt lovely. Review meeting this afternoon with everyone. Gill came to see me and explain that the wouldn’t be at the meeting but was contacting the powers that be to request that I stay a week longer.  

My review…….so here goes. From Paul point of view he was happy with progress that I have made so far. Happy with the car transfer, so that is another box ticked. If means that I can go out places, rather that being trapped inside all the time. So I’ll have problems with my knee and hip that we are going to focus. Also Ana is please with my progress and now we need to peel back the layers and look deeper into my arm. (Take info from minutes). 

Deb came into the kitchen and had some pasta bake with me. It was lovely in I do say so myself. We actually had two portions each. There was enough left over for Kerry and Ana to have some too. Deb has to get back to work as she was only here for the meeting. Before she left she gave me another clothing to sort out. This time it was all my underwear and I didn’t know I had so many knickers!! I chucked 2/3 of them away. 

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