Arm & Leg exercise 12/08/2016 & 13/08/2016

Hey folks,

Apologies that this post wasn’t uploaded last night. We went out in the afternoon and then had Deb bro @ sis-in-law Graham & Michelle round. 

So I forgot to post this. But here it is my arm and leg exercise from yesterday 

I’m really tired today. So I’ve just been chilling on the sofa and focusing on my hand today. Individual finger work, some arm rubbing to encourage the circulation and hand to head work. I was also trying to improve my position when I’m sitting and also when my right leg is elevated so that again my leg is as straight as possible from my hip downwards. 

So nothing exciting to write home about today. It’s small moves today. As I’m tired today there isn’t any point pushing myself really hard otherwise I would just start throwing tantrums. Which would be wasted energy.

Right I’m going to carry on watching the Olympic trampolining. The sport I used to teach.

Laters 💋

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