TalarMade FS3000 & Me

Hey folks I’ve been having a few tech issues and on an old phone so no photos I’m afraid just words.
​So as you can see with the heading I have an orthotic from TalarMade. By keeping my side of the bargain and my review of the FS3000 after the NeuroExpo the CEO Simon Dickinson kept his side side of the bargain and sent me a FS3000 for my own personal use. 

I received the FS3000 in July and since then I’ve been wearing it everyday. 

I’ll be honest I didn’t think it was doing much until I went out one night without it. I was only popping round to a friends so I was feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered to put the orthotic on. Well as I started walking down the road I realised the difference it was making. As I walked down the road without it on my foot was dragging through, my toes were scuffing the ground. The hitch in my hip had reduced by half. I was struggling to walk and not fall over. This orthotic had changed so much in such a small amount of time. The speed that I walk at now has improved too. As the FS3000 makes my heal land first and then my toes. 

But the best example of how the FS3000 has helped was this weekend just gone. I was at a festival and I had my orthotic on and was using my mobility scooter. On the Sat the scooter started tripping out so we left it on the viewing platform and I used my feet. WOW!! All day I walked. I wasn’t having to worry about the bumpy uneven ground beneath my feet. I was able to pay more attention to the ****ing idiots who wouldn’t move or just start walking towards me and think that I was going to move. I lost count of how many people I tripped up as I used my walking stick at an angle to give me some space. 

The level of independence is have now has just gone up a level again. 

The FS3000 has changed my quality of life. I’m so thankful for that opportunity to go to the NeuroExpo and meet Simon and the team at TalarMade. Thanks guys. Below is a link to the FS3000.

Don’t get me wrong I still have issues with my foot turning in but not half as bad as it was.

If any company out there thinks that they can improve my walk still then please get in contact with me and I’ll happily give your orthotic/brace a go. 

Laters x

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