Quick note

Hello all

I know it has been ages since my last blog and over the next week I’ll be playing catch up.

The reason I’m so far behind is because unfortunately one side effect of new me is that I can not multi tasks anymore. So if the is an important or major event going on then it takes up all mental and physical energy. I also hate typing as again it takes up lots of energy remembering how to spell and to make a sentence readable.

That important event was my InstructAbility level 2 gym instructor qualification with YMCAfit. I’ll be talking all about that in another post.

So the blog posts to come are:-

Naidex 45 & Neuro Convention 2019

Posts on 3 focus businesses

Getting my Saebo Glove


Doctors/Stroke Clinic

Week Alone

So happy reading.

Laters 💋

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