Good Friday 25th March 2016

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written anything but towards the end of last week and the start of this one I was having a tough time. I shall explain.

As a lot of you will know in November last year after having an assessment I was refused Pip by the government. After phone on them and asking them to reconsider their decision and also Margaret from headway writing a letter with regards to my disability, they still denied me saying I was able bodied. Well on Tuesday of this week to 22 March I had to go to an appeal. I had appealed the decision so I had to go through it all again but this time with a judge, a doctor and someone from higher up in social services looking at me examining me. Asking me lots of questions. But I am pleased to say and so relieved to say that at the appeal they decided that I was entitled to PiP. Finally after six long months it is finally in black and white writing that I am entitled to disability payments. It makes me sick to think the hell and the shit I have gone through to get to this point. If it had of been for headway with Margaret and Sarah taking me to the appeal how can we fill out the paperwork and being there to support us then I think I have given up. Just because someone in an office somewhere who is never seen me before has the right to dictate whether I’m allowed help or not. What I would say to anyone out there having a rough time trying to sort out Pip don’t give up. Just because they’ve turned you down at the first hurdle don’t give up if you entitled to it then you will get it.

On another note I am at the moment meant to be doing a program with Jeanette. It is called Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy or CIMT. Basically M for six hours a day I put a mitten or oven glove on my left hand and do tasks with my right hand. Initially I was very up for this but I think I should’ve waited until after appeal before agreeing to do this. So I’m sure that I get told off by Jeanette when I see her next. I am trying to do it I have done the last few days but I find it very frustrating maybe when I’m a bit further along I’ll try again but at the moment in time is very very frustrating and I get very angry. Just as well there’s no one here during the day.

I’m really looking forward to next week I got a one off payment from social services to help pay for me to have membership at the local leisure centre. Once we have got our membership then I will be up there every day either in the gym get the strength in my arm and leg or in the pool doing my own version of hydrotherapy. Because through not being able to move as much I am gaining weight. And the more weight I  gain the harder it is for me to do my exercises. I’m also reading a book by Allen Carr The easy way to lose weight. Deb has read his books on giving up smoking and drinking as she hasn’t done as either since. She hasn’t smoked for three weeks and hasn’t drunk for two. I have to read each chapter 3 maybe four times because I don’t keep retain the information so I have to read it again and again and again to hopefully retain more information. At the end of the book is a hypnotherapy CD that you listen to I will let you know how I get on.

Oh my God I’m so glad to have a roof terrace. The sun is shining it’s fantastic and me and the boy sat outside and enjoy the sunshine here is a picture to prove it.

Yes I know he has a lead on but I don’t want him to fall over the edge. You see he doesn’t have the greatest sense of balance for a cat!!

Can’t wait to get the outdoors sorted with furniture, maybe some fake grass so Debs can sunbathe, some beautiful flowers and herbs and fruits so it looks beautiful and relaxing. It’s going to be absolutely amazing I’ll make sure of that. 

Right I’m gonna go back out and enjoy the sunshine happy Easter everyone.

Laters 💋 

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