Physio baby yeah!!

Hey folks how has your day been? 

Did you get all your tasks done today? 

Was your day action packed? If yes to all the above well done you.

Or like me did you day get off to a slow start where I dragged myself out of bed (well half of me ha ha), sat having breakfast and 1.sneezing constantly and eyes streaming (some kind of hay fever) which all started last night. 2.fighting with my brain to get on and get organised for my day as I had physio at 13:00 and had to go on a bus tour to get there, which takes 1hr and a change. 

Well after a good hour of squabbling with the lazy me. Which even involved a debate about going back to bed for a nap. Anyway I got my arse in gear and took my bus tour.

Soooooooo physio time!

First of all James got me to explain what happened in my spectacular fall two weeks ago. Then he checked my arm and hand and was glad that I hadn’t done any damage. So that was great, but James did say that although we have been focusing on my hand we needed to look at my leg as I shouldn’t be tripping as easily as that as I am quite steady on my feet usually with my stick.

So then I laid on my back and  James got me to move my leg, foot and ankle in different ways. Then a few more while lying on my left side. So once he has jotted down notes we sat and chatted and in simple terms (and also because I can’t remember the terminology he used) the push muscles in my leg are better than the pull muscles. 

Next we looked at my walking without a stick so James could get a better understanding of my body posture while walking. James then filmed me so that I could see and so we could watch it in slow motion to see what the muscles and joint were doing. James sent to of them to me so I can see and remind myself. I’ll put them up on here tomorrow a long with a video the exercises as my stick men diagrams aren’t the best. Along with the f.e.s machine video.

So after a video review James went to his car and got a f.e.s machine and then attached it to my leg and a heel switch too. This machine will stimulate the nerves in my leg to work like a normal foot. So that there is a bigger clearance between my foot and the ground. I could feel the difference. What James was happy with the set up he then showed me how to put it on myself, the area of the leg/bone I was looking for. So let’s see what tomorrow brings as I try to fit this myself! 

The session was finished with a leg exercise. So back to lying down and then I had to slide my foot up the bench to my bum without my heel leaving the bench. That’s a lot harder than it looks. But no pain no gain.

I have 3 weeks until my next physio appointment as James is going to hang out with the Disney crew in Florida. So now I am going to push myself. I’m going to get back to exercise everyday whether it’s here at home or at the gym or just outside (with a added dose of Pokemon Go). 


Laters 💋

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